Ed Sheeran calls out Lewis Capaldi to fight on KSI’s Misfits Boxing: “let’s fu**ing have it you c**t”

In the recent past, crossover boxing has expanded its reach, now extending to renowned singer Ed Sheeran. He was recently questioned about having any intentions to enter the ring. The surge in crossover boxing gained prominence through the efforts of the Paul brothers.

Logan Paul, the older brother, faced undefeated retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., while his younger brother, Jake Paul, took on veteran MMA fighters in the boxing ring. The scene is dominated by other influencers and YouTubers as well.

Ed Sheeran calls out Lewis Capaldi to a boxing fight

KSI and Tommy Fury headlined the recently concluded MF & DAZN: X Series 10 – The Prime Card along with Logan Paul and Dillon Danis co-headlined the event. Tommy Fury won a controversial victory over Fury at the event whilst Paul eased past Danis who slutshamed Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal in the preluding trash talking.

Ed Sheeran was recently asked about fighting someone in a future Misfit’s card. “Lewis, let’s fu**ing have it you c**t”, said Sheeran. Initially, Sheeran said that he would fight his father much to the amusement of the interviewer. Lewis Capaldi is a 27-year-old Scottish singer who won the 2020 Brit Award for Best New Artist.

Neither Sheeran nor Capaldi has any combat sports experience. Sheeran’s desire to box Capaldi might hint at a professional rivalry between the Scot and Brit. Nonetheless, a bout between Sheeran and Capaldi could generate significant pay-per-view numbers if it ever came to fruition.

Boxing fans mock Ed Sheeran for challenging Lewis Capaldi

The boxing fans took notice of Ed Sheeran calling out Lewis Capaldi and they were not particularly impressed by it. They vented out their frustration on social media. Apparently, Sheeran’s lack of a boxing experience was the root cause of the dissent.

One fan posted a video of a red-haired man failing miserably to land punches. The video was uploaded with the caption, “Ed sheeran got some hands fr.” In the video, a red-haired man is seen trying to fight some people but fails miserably to land a single blow. Sheeran is red-haired hence the subtle dig by the fan.

“I better don’t watch this fight”, commented a fan. The fan might be a purist in boxing and most likely does not see crossover boxing as legitimate. There is an overwhelming section of fans in the boxing community that doesn’t want anything to do with crossover boxing.

“Leave Lewis capaldi alone 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️”, commented yet another fan. The fan was disinterested in the fight and pleaded to leave Capaldi alone. Apparently, the fan does not want Lewis Capaldi’s name to be dragged into the conversation of crossover boxing.

Who do you think will win a boxing bout between Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi? Leave your comments below!


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