Errol Spence claims Terence Crawford deserved 2023 Fighter of the Year after dropping candid opinion on transgender boxing

Errol Spence has been boxing’s biggest champion for his time as a unified champion holding the welterweight division belt of the WBA, WBC, and IBF from 2017 to 2023. In 2015, ESPN named Errol the Prospect of the Year for his consistent performance in boxing.

After remaining undefeated for 28 bouts, Errol Spence faced the loss in the hands of Terence Crawford via knockout at round number 9. Recently, Spence backed Crawford for the 2023 Fighter of the Year accolade.

Errol Spence claims Terence Crawford deserves the 2023 Fighter of the Year award

After what was done on the night of July 29th, potential rematch rumors have been sparked all over the boxing community between Spence and Crawford. Even Canelo Alvarez showed his desire to fight the winner of Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence, whoever comes out victorious from this.

Although the year didn’t end as Errol was expecting, his sportsmanship spirit stayed high. Despite losing his titles in the middle of 2023, the 33-year-old still stood by what he believed was right for his opponent.

The former boxing Unified champion claims his big-upsetting opponent is more deserving of the Fighter of the Year award than Naoya Inoue. Errol Spence tweeted, “I don’t like it because he won off me. But @terencecrawford should’ve won fighter of the year”.

Showing his high sportsman spirit, Spence didn’t shy away from crediting his last opponent. Terence has been an undefeated fighter for the past 44 fights, and in 2023 he got the unified champion title as well, which, according to the 33-year-old former champion, is enough to earn the coveted award of 2023.

Errol Spence drops his candid thoughts on transgender boxing

Debates regarding transgender inclusion in boxing sports have already been part of big debates. Many boxers have shown their desire not to include transgender fighters in female boxing, as it can do more damage than the analysts are calculating.

Errol Spence also made a big statement about this in his tweet, explaining that if a guy is born of a particular gender, he should fight with the same other person who is born of the same gender. Spence tweeted, “Oh yeah, if you were born a man, you shouldn’t be allowed to fight women. If you were born with a di*k, you should fight another person born with one too.”

The rematch was expected, but Errol Spence suffered a cataract injury to his eyes that may take time to recover. He also mentioned in a video that it would take him a long time to pick up the boxing gloves again.

Do you think a rematch will happen between Spence and Crawford? What are your thoughts on Errol Spence’s gesture for his ex-opponent, Terence Crawford?

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