F1 Champ Max Verstappen’s blazing start earns praise from Red Bull’s Christian Horner

Max Verstappen, a true master of the track, unquestionably deserves a standing ovation for his consistent triumphs at nearly every Grand Prix this year. The Dutchman brings heart-pounding moments when he dominates the entire race, sometimes even after starting from a low position on the grid.

His consecutive victories have not only enthralled fans but have also firmly established his status as a racing icon recognized by experts worldwide. Recently, the Red Bull team principal showered praise on the three-time World Champion in an interview.

Horner hails Verstappen’s lightning start at Mexican GP

Verstappen has won the admiration of Christian Horner, who was clearly impressed by the driver’s “rocket ship” start at the beginning of the main race at the Mexican Grand Prix. The Dutch sensation surged from third place to take the lead at the first corner, as fast as lightning, eventually surpassing the two determined Ferrari drivers, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

After the race was red-flagged due to an unfortunate incident involving Kevin Magnussen, he continued to dominate the race and eventually secured the victory. When asked about the team’s triumph, Horner shared his thoughts with RacingNews365, “Starts haven’t been our strongest asset this year, but certainly the three starts we had today were all rocket ships,”

“On this day in history, with the conditions, the tarmac, the altitudes and everything else, the guys got it just right.”

Verstappen applauds Red Bull’s work on enhancing start-up performance

Verstappen has also showered high praise on his team for their improvement in his race starts, as he secured his second consecutive win from outside the front row of the grid at the Mexican Grand Prix.

At the start of the race last Sunday, during the Mexican Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver found himself positioned behind the two Ferrari drivers. However, thanks to his team’s support, he managed to make significant progress in the race, even after the race was resumed.

The Dutch driver achieved his 16th victory singlehandedly, expressing gratitude to his team for his impressive start. This shift in strategy promptly changed Red Bull’s race plan to focus on controlling the pace from the front rather than putting pressure on Ferrari to take the lead. A strong start was particularly vital in Mexico due to the lengthy stretch leading to the first turn, primarily because of the low levels of grip on the circuit. Verstappen also extended his partnership with Red Bull after his victory in the Mexican GP.

Verstappen commented on his improvements in race starts by saying, “At the beginning of the year, we had a bit of an issue but then we fixed the issue but then I think we still didn’t do the right thing with tyre temperature, and clutch settings. It’s all very sensitive.

“If you’re just next to it, you might have too much wheelspin or not enough engagement. It’s very difficult to get right and I think today especially it was very good.”

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