Floyd Mayweather on comparison with Muhammad Ali and other boxing legends: These fighters are not better than me

Floyd Mayweather has already established his name, and he has already started getting compared to boxing legends. But for an undefeated retired boxer, getting on the list of those being compared with legendary boxers is not worth it, as Floyd thinks he is superior to them.

Many boxers feel proud of being compared with past legendary boxers who had an impactful legacy while they were competing in ting. But for Floyd Mayweather, this is not just his case, as the former boxing champion believes he is far better than them.

Floyd Mayweather declares himself the face of boxing

In the modern era of boxing, Floyd Mayweather has been the idol for many upcoming boxers. His whole career timeline has given many boxers a vision while they are stepping foot in boxing. It is also not surprising that Mayweather also backed his skills, making him the only undefeated champion with a 50-0 record to his name. Arguably, in today’s era, he is considered the greatest of all-time fighters, which led him to make an intriguing statement in a recent interview on The Pivot Podcast.

After being asked if he matches the same popularity as Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather replied, ”Floyd Mayweather: “I’m really still the face of boxing. I’m appreciative of guys like Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and Sugar Ray Leonard—so many guys who paved the way for me. But there’s only one Floyd Mayweather. These fighters are not better than me.”

This statement by Mayweather turned many fans into rage, reminding him who is the actual star of boxing according to their perspective.

Fans troll Floyd Mayweather following his bold declaration

Unhappy fans started trolling Floyd Mayweather for his statement being better than that of those classic boxing stars. The trolling was almost an insult to the boxing champion when furious fans started dragging his name, whereas not many of the MMA community experts still find it hard to mention his name as one of the best in boxing.

One of the fans directly included Mike Tyson’s name as one of the greats’s names in the conversation, reminding Floyd Mayweather that since Tyson’s retirement, he is still a bigger name than any of the fighters. A furious fan claimed, “Mike Tyson is still a bigger name than Mayweather, and he has been retired for almost 20 years.”

Another fan took a dig at the phrase “face of boxing,” pointing out that since he has 8.5 years of retirement, no one is showing interest in his comeback fight. An unhappy fan commented, “Face of boxing? He hasn’t fought in a real boxing match in 8.5 years! You think anyone is saying, Hey, when is the next Mayweather fight? Lol”

The fans reaction can be justified as, from 50 fights, he secured 27 victories by knockout only and 23 by decision, and his past 10 fights have only had 2 knockout victories.

So, what do you guys think? Do you think the fans’ reactions to Floyd Mayweather’s comments were fair?

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