Following second place finish, Sergio Perez aims ‘to do one better’ by dethroning teammate Max Verstappen to become F1 champ in 2024

This season, Sergio Perez has encountered challenges in matching his teammate’s performance, expressing his struggles both physically and mentally. Despite these difficulties, Perez has managed to maintain his position at second in the drivers’ standings as well as within the Red Bull team.

Acknowledging the hurdles faced in the current season, the Mexican driver has made a firm decision to not repeat the same mistakes and struggle for the upcoming season as well, recognizing the importance of learning from his team partner, Max Verstappen.

Sergio Perez aims to dethrone Max Verstappen

Sergio Perez is demonstrating an eagerness to learn lessons from his Red Bull teammate, Max Verstappen, in his quest for the title of F1 World Champion in 2024. The 2023 season witnessed Perez’s remarkable performance with an incredible start, clinching two of the opening four races in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan. However, the Mexican driver faced a significant setback mid-year, experiencing a string of five races where he failed to reach Q3, coinciding with Verstappen’s dominant streak of 10 consecutive wins.

In light of these challenges, the 33-year-old is embracing a proactive approach for the upcoming season. Checo acknowledges the need to learn from Verstappen’s approach during the winter break. The Dutchman, having secured a record 19 wins in the 2023 season, serves as the perfect benchmark of excellence.

Looking back at Sergio Perez’s F1 season

Throughout the 2023 season, Sergio Perez experienced a rollercoaster of fortunes, transitioning from the pinnacle of being an early season title contender with two wins and an impressive points total to struggling with replacement and retirement rumours. Despite the challenges, Checo remained strong and optimistic.

The turning point for the Mexican driver came after a race in Qatar, where he faced a decisive defeat by Max Verstappen. Verstappen’s dominance was evident as he accumulated more than the double points of Perez on his way to securing a title.

Checo’s struggles were particularly pronounced in qualifying, notably at the Japanese Grand Prix, settling the stage for a race from the back of the grid that resulted in two retirements. The subsequent race in Mexico added to the misery when a collision with Charles Leclerc on an opening lap forced an early exit in front of his home crowd.

The pivotal moment, however, occurred after the Qatar race. Perez, recognizing the need for introspection, returned to the factory to analyze and address the areas where he was faltering, collaborating closely with the engineers. He told the media “I had a really deep, deep warning in Qatar where I went back to the factory for like a week and went through it in detail with all the engineers.”

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