Former F1 champ Lewis Hamilton hailed brother Nicolas for keeping him grounded amid immensely successful Mercedes era

Lewis Hamilton consistently expresses gratitude to his family and loved ones for their unwavering support, making them feel valued for being part of his life. Among the stars in his personal circle is Nicholas Hamilton, his paternal half-brother and a fellow racing driver in the British series.

According to Lewis, Nicholas offers him valuable perspective and helps him stay grounded during moments of success. Lewis recently made a heartwarming surprise gesture to support his sibling, Nicholas, during one of his races, showcasing the strong bond between the two brothers.

Lewis Hamilton’s touching tribute to brother Nicolas

The individuals who mean the most to Lewis Hamilton are always in his speeches, and he never misses an opportunity to thank them. Lewis was very happy with Nick’s progress in racing and on a personal level. Hamilton openly expressed his thoughts on Nick, shedding light on his brother’s challenges and their respective approaches to dealing with them.

Lewis Hamilton's touching tribute to brother Nicolas
Hamilton is supportive of his brother via SportsRush

“I think he’s just an amazing lad and I love to do things for him. Nicholas loves a challenge and he’s got steeper challenges ahead of him. He’s 7 years younger than me and he has a great character, he might’ve cerebral palsy but he definitely wants to do something special with his life.”

“My brother has been with me every step of the way. Few people have believed in me more than Nicolas. I’m so grateful for the blessing he is in my life and so happy to share this moment with him. Our smiles”

lewis nicolas hamilton
A strong bond between the brothers via Getty

Hamilton’s words resonated with Nick, who considers his elder sibling a role model and immensely powerful inspiration who never fails to back him up.

Hamilton went undercover support for brother Nicolas’ 6th place finish

Lewis Hamilton was spotted at one of his brother’s races in April. He wore a face mask so that no one would recognize him, but he made sure he was there to support Nicholas. Nicholas came in to finish in 6th place, but he wasn’t prepared for what was about to come next.

Lewis Hamilton went on to post on his social media about his little adventure and acclaimed his younger brother’s results. He applauded Nicholas for what he had achieved and motivated him to continue further. “I haven’t been to Donington in a long time. I was so excited to watch and support my brother there today as a normal spectator, it felt really special. I’m so proud of you bro, 6th place today was such a special result and you truly deserve it. Keep pushing.”

Nicholas Hamilton has denied time and again about his brother’s involvement in his career and Lewis wanted to respect that while being undercover as a spectator. It was a wholesome moment for the brothers, and now Lewis needs his optimism and support because he has declared his intentions to get his eighth title.

Do you think Nicholas Hamilton may make an appearance in the F1 paddock someday? Do let us know your beliefs.


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