Former WWE champ talks on the potential matchup between The Rock and Roman Reigns, shares candid thoughts on The Tribal Chief’s elongated title run

WWE Universe has been eagerly waiting for a match between The Rock and Roman Reigns since last year. Previously, it was rumored that the match would happen in WrestleMania 39 which eventually didn’t happen. However, the good news is that The Rock returned to WWE a few weeks ago and is also interested in facing his cousin at the next WrestleMania 40.

Reacting to this, many WWE legends like Hulk Hogan and Matt Hardy shared their candid thoughts on this match.

Matt Hardy talks about the potential Roman Reigns vs. The Rock bout

On the latest episode of “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, former WWE superstar Matt Hardy talked about his opinion on the probable match between Roman Reigns and The Rock in next year’s WrestleMania 40. Matt claimed that this bout would be a huge blockbuster if it materialized. He also said that this match will also play a huge role in the success of that event. He mentioned that The Rock is interested in facing Roman Reigns and there is a very high chance that it might come to fruition.

“It’s a huge match. It’s huge and I think it would lead to a very successful WrestleMania. I do. I feel like now that Rocky has been speaking about it and saying it was almost greenlit for last year, and now that they might do it this year. I feel like even if he’s mentioning it in any capacity it’s in his mind to do. So yeah, I do think it will happen. I do think it would be a huge draw.” said Matt Hardy.

But one thing that he also mentioned is that he is not sure will the die-hard fans of WWE will enjoy this match that much. He said, “I don’t know if the die-hard wrestling fans are going to get the match they would want, but I think it’s going to be a huge spectacle. I think it’s going to be a match that is going to have casual fans extremely interested in and they are going to want to tune in and watch it.”

Matt Hardy’s remarks on Roman Reigns lengthy title run

Roman Reigns, aka The Tribal Chief, is currently the face of WWE and the longest-reigning Universal Champion. He is a top heel in his current role in the Bloodline faction. Many fans love watching The Head of the Table and everything that he does in the ring.

However, former WWE superstar Matt Hary has a different opinion, as he doesn’t like the run given to Roman Reigns as it is too long. He also said on his podcast that WWE wants to make Reigns the best in the new era of pro wrestling just by taking his title reign into account.

“I feel like they are making a statement out of Roman Reigns and just saying like, the new era of pro wrestling is the best era and Roman Reigns is the biggest star and the reason he is is because he’s held the title longer than anybody else,” said Matt Hardy.

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