Formula 1 entry list confirms Sauber’s new identity following Alfa Romeo split

Sauber was a name that had been absent from Formula 1 scenes for a long time as their title sponsor Alfa Romeo took the lead. They partnered with Mercedes to join F1 racing in 1995, a period that followed the conclusion of the turbo era. Ironically, Sauber is one of the most versatile teams when it comes to naming conventions.

Sometime later, it became BMW Sauber, and subsequently, the team ran independently without any major title sponsor from 2010 to 2018. In 2019, the stakes were once again acquired by Alfa Romeo, which continued its partnership until 2023.

New Sauber identity confirmed

Sauber’s 2026 plans have already been revealed, as they will be acquired by Audi for their ambitious F1 debut. Meanwhile, the team will be running under a new identity after the exit of Alfa Romeo. FIA released a provisional list of all the confirmed teams next year and amidst Aston Martin’s name change people noticed a new name pop out at the bottom of the list.

BMW Sauber in early years via Eurosport

To those who are wondering about a new team’s entry, no, it’s actually Alfa Romeo, but without their sponsors. The team will be known as ‘Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber’, a long name to remember with an even longer history behind it. Their new identity has sparked a row of reactions from fans, and most of them are pointing out the arduous name.

There are many more surprises, including AlphaTauri’s name remaining the same, but the fact remains that the Red Bull sister team hasn’t announced any new changes yet. This is merely a provisional list, and the official names will be revealed only before the start of the season.

Confirmed drivers for Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber

There won’t be any major changes in the team structure, however, and the drivers will remain the same. Valterri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu will be leading in the 2024 season for the Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. They weren’t able to make much of a mark this year among their other competitors, but it will be interesting to wait until 2024 to see what kind of developments they made over the winter break with Alfa Romeo leaving their side.

Drivers remain unchanged via F1

Their hopes are all stuck on the next big change in team, which will happen with Audi’s entry in 2026. The automobile and motorsports giant has already confirmed their intentions for Formula 1, and Sauber may finally get a chance to bounce back after a long time in Formula 1.

2026 will mark a new direction in the sport with new rules and regulations and of course, a potentially new team. There’s another team that has almost secured an entry into the pinnacle of motorsports, but would you rather see more cars on the grid than more races?


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