George Russell experiences special encounter with Sebastian Vettel during snowy outing with Toto Wolff

Sebastian Vettel is not just an exceptional driver on the circuit, he has also been an activist beyond his Formula One career. Despite retiring from Formula 1 in 2022, he remains outspoken on various issues, such as racism, diversity, LGBTQ+ rights, and climate concerns.

During a recent charitable event in Austria, he coincidentally crossed paths with Mercedes star George Russell and his team boss, creating a buzz on social media.

George Russell gets glimpse of Sebastian Vettel’s post-retirement life

Sebastian Vettel has been retired for about two years. In his free time, he decided to utilize his time by participating in various charitable events, as he was always known for his passion for being an activist.

Recently, Vettel has participated in the charitable Kitz Charity Trophy race, which was held in Austria. The funds from this event are then used to donate to farming families in need. The race successfully raised a staggering fund of $327,000 in its 25th edition celebration. Vettel was extremely invested in the event, and he participated in the skiing race with Michael Fassbender.

However, the four-time World Champion soon encountered two familiar Formula One faces. Mercedes’s main driver, George Russell, and team principal, Toto Wolff, along with their life partners, bumped into Vettel at the charity event. It seemed like Toto Wolff and his wife Susie invited Russell and his girlfriend over the winter break. However, they had absolutely no clue that Vettel would also be present there.

Russell’s post on Instagram was captioned “In the land of the Wolffs🐺🇦🇹. Such a cool experience attending Kitzbühel Downhill for the first time. Awesome weekend learning more about such a challenging sport and even bumped into a familiar face too⛷️ 🙌” has reached a hype with the fans with the fans admiring the incredible view of the snowy mountains as well as their sudden meeting with Sebastian Vettel, who was in his full skiing attire in the post.

Sebastian Vettel joins forces with X-Men villain for charity

As mentioned earlier, Sebastian Vettel certainly had good company in Austria while skiing with the famous villainous star Michael Fassbender. Fassbender is famous for many movies; however, he reached his peak popularity when he was cast in X-Men movies, playing a character named “Magneto.”

The role is widely famous for its “anti-hero” perspective, with fans loving his acting skills as well. In real life, he is no less than a hero while racing with Vettel at the Kitz Charity event, whose funds will be distributed to the needy people in Austria.

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