How much do Mercedes star duo Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s W14 replicas cost? Exploring the details

Owning a Mercedes Formula 1 car is a dream that many F1 enthusiasts share but can’t ever bring to fruition, except for a few. These sophisticated and raging beasts of the track only fall into the lucky hands of 20 exceptionally skilled drivers who spent their entire lives honing themselves for the car.

Public demand, however, compels certain companies to build earnest replicas of actual F1 cars that have earned a lot of fame or are involved in a lot of gossip among the fans. One such car was the RB19, which had its own 1:8 scale replica models, and now the Mercedes W14 has joined this club.

How much do Mercedes W14 replicas cost?

The W14 was the answer to this year’s championship battle by Mercedes after a long grueling season in pursuit of success last year with their W13. This year though, the team has shown some sparks of performance and improved statistics, although not up to the bar they themselves set.

LHW14ProductShoot 1

Arguably, one thing they managed to do perfectly this year was the looks of the car, which looks absolutely stunning in the glossy black colors it is painted in. Following the usual hustle bustle of F1 and the stellar looks of Mercedes it wasn’t a long time before fans wanted to have a closer look at this beauty.


Mercedes released replica models on 1:43 scale for both of their cars on their site and they are now available to the fans at a price of 76.99 euros, roughly equal to $80.91.

Where to buy Mercedes W14 replicas?

Mercedes launched official replica editions of both of their cars on their accessory and merchandise site. This is a part of early access and available with next day delivery in selected locations to have the best track day experiences.

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They have only offered these replicas on a 1:43 scale and one can’t buy them after clearance of stocks. These are official merchandise so they can’t be purchased anywhere except their official site and their partner stores. Also, they offer free delivery on orders above 100 euros.

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The team knows how to make a statement with car designs and its marketing unit knows how to make good use of hype around their cars. Fans were quite enigmatic about the black version of their cars and Silver Arrows delivered just at the right moment. All that is left is a sweet 1 to 2 finish to top off their cars as memorable memento for loyal fans and those who went on to purchase their replicas.

Do you think Mercedes maybe able to have a win or a 1-2 finish this season with their W14? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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