How much does Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s RB19 replica model cost? Exploring the details

The RB19, aka ‘rocket ship’, is considered one of the most successful cars in Formula 1 history. The Austrian outfit, under the guidance of ‘Airbender’ Adrian Newey, managed to create an aerodynamic monster, which could easily be considered the most dominating and incredibly fast car they have managed to make.

RB19 has easily won all the races this season so far except the Singapore GP, which was unfortunately their worst race in probably a long, long time. Max Verstappen incredibly broke Sebastian Vettel’s consecutive wins record through the raw pace of this car and incredible performance while utilizing the new regulations.

How much do RB19 models cost?

The RB19 managed to give the Reb Bulls their sixth constructor win in F1 history, with more than a few races remaining this season. It is also probable that Max Verstappen will be crowned the 2023 world champion in Qatar this season.


In response to this amalgamation, Red Bull released a 1:8 scale model for Red Bull’s current car, with both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s car models on sale.

The car’s scale model costs €9775 (roughly $10266) to buy. It takes 250 hours to assemble with perfection and finesse and roughly all of the Verstappen models are remaining right now. Sergio Perez’s scale models have already sold out. They made 99 models each for both cars.

Where to buy RB19 replicas

RB19 scale replicas will be available to buy on the official site of Amalgamcollection where they released the car. They are the only site on which one can order these replica models and they offer cross-country shipping too.


It’s a notable fact that they also offer other services and models like 1:12 and 1:18 models of the cars and their liveries.

The car is an exact replica of the original RB19 and will be a unique site-only production with licensed designs. It is quite amazing how they managed to recreate the car down to its finest details and gave the customers a reason to own an ‘F1 car’ even if they can’t ‘drive’ it.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez looking at an iPad planetF1

The Red Bulls have become an unstoppable force and Max Verstappen has been their frontrunner for two seasons now. It seems like a replica of the golden era of Sebastian Vettel when their cars were killing any kind of competition and Sebastian Vettel was ruling the tarmac as the sole winner. Either way, an interesting season is on the way because McLaren has shown an immense urge to be late bloomers in the competition.

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