Is Manny Pacquiao coming out of retirement to face Gervonta Davis?

Manny Pacquiao, one of the biggest legends and superstars of his era, is still a topic of many boxing debates when fans talk about who is the best of them all. Known for his striking and excellent dodging skills, he has shown what it is all about a combination of power and endurance during his prime.

In recent times, Pacquiao and his next opponent have been making news despite enjoying their retirement. But Conor McGregor, who lost his professional debut fight against also-rival Pacquiao of Floyd Mayweather, called him out.

Is Manny Pacquiao vs. Gervonta Davis happening?

Fans and experts are continuously speculating about the potential bout going to happen between MMA fighters Conor McGregor and Manny Pacuiao. But now there is one more speculation starting to grow up in the boxing community: that an undefeated boxer of today’s era is going to compete against the 45-year-old retired legend.

Tank Davis, the 29-year-old boxer, has an undefeated 29-win streak with 27 knockouts. While PacMan’s career was packed with knockouts and unanimous decisions, the expected opponent had maximum numbers in favor of knockouts.

Earlier, Manny Pacquiao didn’t come forward with his demand to fight Gervonta Davis when he said if he comes to the 147-pound weight class, then he could think about it. While talking to FightHub TV, the former champion said, “If he wants [to] and comes up to 147, then we can fight. 145, maybe. It’s not a problem for me; I’m an experienced fighter.” Via Bad Left Hook.

Floyd Mayweather, in consideration of fighting Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao last fought in the year 2021; since then, he hasn’t been seen even practicing with boxing gloves. But the fight that he always remembers that cost him the biggest loss of his career against Floyd Mayweather is once again starting to spark the fire, as Pacquiao is also looking into making a second fight against his old rival.

CEO of his promotion, Sean Gibbons recently opened up about what exactly happened in the scenario of making the retired boxer’s next bout. Gibbons finally breaks his silence on a potential bout between Gervonta Davis and Manny, but since this is the final match-up for the 45-year-old boxer, he wants to close out his career with a big fight.

“Manny and Gervonta Davis match up really well, and that would be a fun fight. It’s a matter of being able to make the fight, and that’s the difficult part. To close out his career in Saudi Arabia, it makes so much sense because they love him in that area, so we will keep focusing on that first, and we will see what comes up.”

The CEO later added, “Conor McGregor has said he is fighting in the UFC in June, so there’s nothing happening at all there, but it can be revisited alongside Floyd Mayweather.” If Conor McGregor is not available, then they can work on remaking their bout, as the first fight went into a controversial phase that spread all over the media. Via Essentially Sports.

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