Is Ryan Garcia going to fight Isaac Cruz amid speculated bout against Rolly Romero?

Ryan Garcia has been making headlines regarding his next potential opponents, first Devin Haney, then Rolly Romero. Garcia has been in the spotlight in the boxing world since making his comeback in December last year, expressing his desire to face someone of his caliber.

Though after showing his desire to fight Rolly Romero, Oscar De La Hoya sends upsetting news for Garcia as the Golden Boy Promotions is looking to make a bout between Jose Ramirez and KingRY. But Garcia didn’t comment on his boss’s decision-making.

Is Ryan Garcia going to fight Isaac Cruz?

First Devin Haney, then Ryan Garcia, and now Jose Ramirez – despite the official opponent announcement for the 25-year-old, he still hasn’t given up on expressing his desire to face his preferred opponent, despite the announcement from boss Oscar De La Hoya.

Once again, the boxing community anticipates the 25-year-old to arrive with a renewed desire for a change in his opponent. This time, Kingry is targeting a Mexican boxer with 25 wins, holding the WBC silver lightweight title and the WBO Latino lightweight title.

Ryan Garcia, after expressing a desire to fight Devin Haney and Rolly Romero, is now expressing the desire to fight Isaac Cruz, who became a two-belt holder six months ago. In the latest revelation, the 25-year-old took to his Instagram story, asking Isaac to sign the contract and make the bout official. In less than 20 days, Garcia has shown interest in this third desired fight.

Rolly Romero rumored to fight Isaac Cruz

It looks like Rolly Romero also got the same opponent as his former expected opponent, Ryan Garcia. Both fighters are after “Pitbull” to make the fight in the 135- to 140-pound division. After making his move to the 140-pound weight class in December last year, Ryan Garcia chose Oscar Duarte as his comeback fighter.

Soon after he was done with celebration days of his comeback win, fans started to expect Ryan to fight in a heavier weight division, but once again he showed interest in the 135-pound weight division. After Oscar De La Hoya made an announcement about Ryan Garcia, Rolly on his Instagram claimed to be fighting against Issac Cruz after he was done blasting Garcia and La Hoya.

Once Romero was done with his social media, Garcia showed his unhappiness at both not signing the contract with him anymore and told them now he is not interested in both of them anymore. “Rolly and Pitbull, do what you want. I don’t need any of you. At all. None of you want to fight, and making the biggest purse of your life is not my problem. Go ahead and fight between yourselves.” Via boxingnews24.

Who you think Ryan Garcia or Rolly Romero should be the deserving choice to fight Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz?


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