Jerry Lawler post-stroke health update: WWE HOF battling to regain his speech, detailing his rehab process

Jerry Lawler is a highly regarded figure in WWE. The 73-year-old WWE legend suffered a stroke in February of this year. He has since been recovering in his home, and has recently provided a positive health update.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is undoubtedly one of the greatest commentators in WWE history. He elevated the commentary role during the Attitude Era of WWE. He has also held several recognized championships in the wrestling industry, and was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2007.

Jerry Lawler provides post-stroke health update

Jerry Lawler was hospitalized earlier this year after suffering a stroke. This was not the first time that the WWE icon had suffered a stroke. In an interview with Sportskeeda, Lawler talked about his current condition and provided a positive update on his health.

The 73-year-old WWE Legend mentioned that he undergoes rehab three times a week. He explained that the stroke primarily impacted his speech and voice, which were gradually improving. Lawler also stated that these days, he doesn’t have much to do aside from attending his thrice-weekly rehab sessions, as he continues his recovery at his home in Memphis.

“I’ve had a bunch of different things and I’m still in rehab three times a week, and probably the main thing that’s drawing me back now, that you can probably tell as you hear me talk, my voice is not the same as it was beforehand, said Jerry Lawler. “It’s slowly coming back, but it needed to come back a little more before I could make sense with my speech and vocabulary.”

He further stated that, “I really don’t do a lot, just staying around the house and do three rehab sessions a week where I go into hospital, and then I do some more at home here in Memphis, and that’s pretty much it.”

Jerry Lawler once had cardiac arrest live on air

In 2012, on the September 12 edition of Monday Night RAW, Jerry Lawler experienced a cardiac arrest while he was present at ringside for the show. Fortunately, the WWE legend was sitting next to WWE’s doctor, who managed to save his life by performing CPR. Lawler was then promptly rushed to a nearby medical facility, where he eventually made a full recovery.

Jerry Lawler has faced several health challenges in his life. In 2018, Lawler suffered his first stroke during a moment of intimacy with his partner, Lauryn McBride. After his recovery, he disclosed that the stroke had affected the right side of his face, causing it to droop down to his chin. Earlier this year, he experienced another stroke and has been in recovery since.

We send our prayers to the WWE icon and hope that he recovers soon. Fans from all over the world have sent their prayers and positive messages to Jerry Lawler, as they hope to see the 73-year-old legend in his best health.


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