John Cena hits rock bottom with latest project despite star-studded private screening hosting former WWE stars

John Cena is a globally recognized icon. He has had an incredibly successful career as a wrestler in WWE, where he achieved the remarkable feat of being a 16-time WWE Champion.

Although he is an active wrestler with such fame in the WWE Universe, his Hollywood career is currently facing significant challenges. Despite having a special screening dedicated to pro wrestlers, his latest movie project received negative reviews from both fans and critics. It is arguably the worst-rated film of his whole career.

John Cena’s “Freelance” receives ugly reviews

Famous WWE superstar and Hollywood actor John Cena has recently starred in a movie named Freelance, directed by Pierre Morel, who also directed Taken, and has garnered the worst reviews of his career, with a rare 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Peacemaker star has appeared in several action movies throughout his career. While some of his films, such as The Marine and Bumblebee, have been well-received by both audiences and critics alike, others, like Playing with Fire and The Suicide Squad, were less successful. But this particular one can be considered his worst-rated movie. While the premise of the movie is filled with thrilling adventure, the movie has been slammed by critics for its poor script, cheap CGI, bad jokes, and lack of chemistry between the stars.

Some of the notable reviews are given below:

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Robert Kojder (from Flickering Myth): A head-scratching disaster that doesn’t so much as mix genres and tones but rather puzzlingly cycles through them with no apparent reason or thematic purpose, desperately hoping something starts to click. [Rating:1/5]

Roger Moore (from Movie Nation): “Very dumb” barely covers how silly and violent this half-assed Banana Republic riff turns out to be. [Rating:1/4]

Jeffery M. Anderson (from Common Sense Media): This lifeless, generic, confusing, and unfunny mess is so glaringly out of touch with reality that it makes your head hurt. [Rating:1/5]

Mike McGranaghan (from Aisle Seat): Despite the likeable lead actors, Freelance is an instantly forgettable movie. [Rating:1.5/4]

Brain Tallerico (from There’s an oppressive nothingness to “Freelance.” No romance. No comedy. No action.

Cena hosted a private screening featuring former WWE stars

John Cena’s movie “Freelance” has started its premiere this weekend. Before the scheduled premiere on October 27, 2023, a special screening of the movie was held in Orlando, Florida, which was attended by several prominent personalities from the wrestling world.

The event was called “Squared Circle Screening” and it saw the participation of stars like Alexa Bliss, Ryan Cabrera, Emma/Tenille Dashwood, LA Knight, Noelle Foley, Cassie Lee, Nia Jax, Kalisto/Samuray Del Sol, Breeze, Shawn Spears, Mojo Rawley, Xia Brookside, Brooke Vawter, Triple V, AJ Francis, Tanga Loa, Steph De Lander, Harley Cameron, Josh Woods, Mila Moore, Dr. Faddel Chouman, Dante Hall, Mike Rallis, and many others.

This was a very rare moment where AEW and WWE wrestlers were seen enjoying time together. Despite being from different promotions, the superstars were able to unite to support their friend John Cena.

Will you watch this new movie by John Cena despite its bad reviews? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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