McLaren’s Lando Norris unveils hilarious speeding confession amid issuing red flag for Max Verstappen

Lando Norris has established himself as one of the most remarkable drivers in today’s F1 generation. It is not easy to keep up with the experienced drivers on the grid, yet somehow Norris always managed to keep his pace steady.

At the US GP, the  British-Belgian driver finished in third place and soon got promoted to the second position due to Hamilton’s disqualification, exceeding McLaren’s expectations. Recently, he admitted to one of his “wrongdoings” in one of his most recent interviews, where he was flexing on his speeding skills.

Norris spills the beans on unusual speeding experience

Norris has reluctantly agreed to break the traffic rules; however, he also stated that he has never been caught while doing the deed. In a Twitter video posted by @ln4norris, the driver was asked about when he was last pulled over for speeding.  The McLaren driver revealed that he had never been pulled over by the cops, as they simply could not catch up with his extreme speed. Norris said, ” I’ve never been pulled in. I’ve been done for speed. That’s a big difference.”

Subsequently, seated beside his teammate Oscar Piastri, Norris revealed that even though he passed the speed camera, he has not yet been apprehended by the police.

There are many cameras installed on the streets to capture the vehicles that monitor speeding vehicles and signal the cops to find and chase them. Norris flexed that he has been so fast that the camera failed to capture his car on the camera.

The driver also stated that there have been times when the officers started chasing his car, but they soon stopped and gave in, unable to keep up with his car’s speed. He has publicly confessed his crimes, stating, “You go past the camera flash. but I’ve never because a cop car can’t keep up, so I’ve been pulled over.”

Lando Norris sounds alarm for Red Bull

Along with Norris’ second-place finish last weekend, the British-Belgian driver advanced to the sixth position in the drivers’ championship. Simultaneously, McLaren climbed past Aston Martin to claim fourth place in the constructors’ standings, giving a fair warning to Red Bull.

However, Norris stated that he does not want to be too proud of the situation, considering the Mexican GP just started and the final result could be anything.

The McLaren driver told Sky Sports Italia “Yeah, I mean, it’s just a Friday, so I don’t want to cheer too much. We’re very close; I did some good laps, and it’s a good start to the weekend, definitely better than we expected.” 

”It’s tough to overtake here, so our life will be more complicated during the race. But it’s also true that if you make a mistake, you can lose 4-5 positions, so let’s see. We’re going to do our best.”

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