John Fury demands $200K from ‘‘fraudster’’ KSI to fight Mike Tyson’s ex-sparring partner on Misfits

John Fury has shown constant support to his sons, whether it is Tyson Fury or Tommy Fury. Both boxers have received the faith of their father. Now, to show the same faith, Father Fury is demanding an amount from his son’s former opponent, accusing him of fraud.

Recently Joe Egan called out John Fury for a showdown in the ring which has gained significant attention from fans. This prompted KSI’s Misfits offering to host the bout and now Father Fury wants KSI to pay up the $200K from their previous bet.

John Fury demands $200K from KSI to fight Joe Egan

Father Fury has never been one to mince words, whether it’s criticizing his son’s training or calling out unfair practices in the boxing world. This time, Mike Tyson’s ex-sparring partner, Joe Egan, is on the receiving end of John Fury’s harsh words, as he recently issued a challenge to fight John. This news quickly spread throughout the boxing community and KSI’s Misfits Boxing even offered to host the bout.

The WBC champion’s father has now responded to the challenge and couldn’t restrain himself from accusing the British rapper. According to John Fury, KSI’s tactics are solely about making money, suggesting that his involvement in boxing matches is purely business-driven.

According to John Fury, KSI’s choice of sparring partner is merely a money-making strategy. Fury declared that he would fight anyone if the offer were officially extended, demanding a $200k payment to show up. He even referred to KSI as a ‘rat’, expressing his lack of interest in engaging in any sort of business with him.

“If I do get my 200, what he needs to do is put an offer in writing to me about what he is prepared to pay me to fight you. I’m not hard to do business with mate. You want to make a few quid, you know, and so do I. And I’ll fight anybody, like I said, when it makes business sense. So, here’s what they’ve got to do, because I said I’d never do any more business with that rat,” said John Fury on his Instagram live.

It’s worth noting that John Fury’s son, Tommy Fury, defeated KSI last year, handing him his first professional career loss. KSI contested the decision reversal vigorously, but the authorities opted to move past the matter.

Why does John Fury owe KSI $200K?

Last year, Tommy Fury’s father made a bet with KSI, where they agreed to wager $200k. The terms were that if Tommy Fury emerged victorious, KSI would owe $200k to John Fury. On the night of October 14th, 2023, Tommy secured the win via unanimous decision, fulfilling the terms of the bet.

Following Tommy Fury’s victory, KSI appeared reluctant to fulfill his end of the bet and has remained steadfast in his stance until now. John Fury had previously reminded KSI about the bet, drawing comparisons between him and Jake Paul. Father Fury pointed out that the bet was made during a live podcast, which received significant media coverage.

Concluding his reminder, John Fury stated, “You owe me, John Fury, £200,000, and I want you paying. Thank you very much.”

There are many instances in boxing where boxers put bets on the fight, and yet when they lose, they are not interested in paying the amount. Also, there are some boxers who choose to ignore the winning amount and give it back to their opponent who lost the fight. But John Fury looked stern after the chaos KSI spread all over the media following Tommy Fury’s win.

What is your take on John Fury demanding the bet amount?

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