Jos Verstappen Red Bull’s “power struggle” with Christian Horner incident causing high tensions

Red Bull finds itself completely wrapped in turmoil as key figures within the team, namely Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, face uncertain futures. Jos Verstappen, father of Max Verstappen, the team’s lead driver, has publicly acknowledged the power struggles engulfing the team.

Jos has emphasized the harmful consequences of the internal conflict between Horner and Marko, shedding light on the obstacles burdening the entire team due to their ongoing power struggle.

Jos Verstappen highlights Red Bull’s ‘power struggle’ with Christian Horner

Max Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen, who was a former F1 driver before, has confirmed that there is definitely a power struggle’ between Christian Horner and Helmut Marko during the recent scandalous event against the team principal.

In early February, the parenting team of the F1 team suggested Horner part ways with the team due to the unending controversies and allegations on social media reoccurring at that moment. However, due to the 50-year-old’s fame, he refused the offer to leave the team, which infuriated numerous individuals in the industry, including Jos Verstappen.

Jos expressed concerns for his son’s future in the team, as their reputation was already tarnished due to the female colleague’s allegations against Horner. However, he has also highlighted the main rivalry between the team advisor, Helmut Marko, and Horner, discussing the importance of putting it to a permanent halt.

He said “It’s definitely hard for the outside world to follow,’ the former F1 driver told Belgian news outlet Sporza. I think it is a necessity for them to get calm within the team, but given the circumstances, I think it will continue for a while. I’m curious, but it doesn’t help the whole process.”

Jos Verstappen claims Max “doesn’t like” Red Bull saga

Max Verstappen has always remained loyal to the team since his Formula One debut, achieving his most significant greatness in Red Bull itself. As a result, the ongoing controversial allegations against them were not entirely comfortable for the three-time World Champion.

His father has also confirmed his sentiments by stating that the 26-year-old “doesn’t like” to be questioned about the Red Bull saga but is concerned that it will “take time” for the situation to calm down fully.

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