Kevin Owens savagely crushes Logan Paul’s hydration drink ‘Prime’ at WWE SmackDown

Kevin Owens and Logan Paul last clashed at the Royal Rumble event for the United States Champion title, where KO was disqualified for possessing a foreign object, leading to ‘The Maverick’ successfully retaining his title by default.

In the recent edition of SmackDown, Logan delivered a promo commenting on his win over Kevin at the WWE Royal Rumble title match. Later, Owens interrupted the promo, expressing his desire for a rematch for the title. After Logan denied the request, Owens started insulting his ‘Prime’ energy drink.

Logan Paul gets destroyed by Kevin Owens’ savage reply

Logan Paul faced Kevin Owens at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida for the WWE United States Championship, which KO lost by disqualification. This week, during the recent match card of SmackDown Live, Logan addressed how Kevin Owens powerbombed him through the announce table and yet still lost the match.

In the February 2 episode of SmackDown, Logan expressed his take on Kevin Owens, saying, “Look, I’ll be honest with ya’ll. I underestimated Kevin Owens. I did upon first glance, he kind of looks like a pissed-off donut. But in our match, he made me fight. Get this, Kevin Owens did more damage to Logan Paul than Floyd Mayweather. Kevin made me bleed. This dude almost knocked me out, and yet, he still lost.”

Owens later intruded on Paul’s promo and made his way into the ring. As he came closer to the champ, Logan said he smelled horrible, to which Kevin replied that before he came here, he bathed in Prime, so it was the smell from the drink that was horrible. This savage reply left Logan flabbergasted, but he quickly made a comeback and said, “Mustn’t have been Cherry Freeze; that flavor is delicious.”

The ‘Headlock Master’ then challenged Paul for a rematch for the title, to which Logan replied, “Listen to me Kevin, it’s over. You ain’t getting a rematch. You blew it. Your title shot is over, so why don’t you go and focus on whatever it is that you do, and I am gonna focus on whatever it is that I do, which is everything amazing. And I’m gonna find a real challenger, someone who is definitely not you.”

Logan Paul feels confident after Royal Rumble win

Logan Paul successfully defended his title against KO on the January 27 event. Later, at the first episode of the blue brand since his fight in the Royal Rumble, he celebrated his win and took several shots at both CM Punk and Seth Rollins, who were injured and will likely miss the upcoming premium live event of WWE.

He said, “Hey, I’m still the champ. When is it gonna click for ya’ll? I’m one of the toughest people on this brittle roster. Oh, I hurt my tricep. My knee hurts. My little WrestleMania dreams are crushed. Shut up. We all get hurt. I’m unbreakable. One of one. The Beast in the East. The Best of the West. I am your United States Champion Logan Paul.”

Logan Paul will likely defend his WWE United States Championship at Elimination Chamber at the Optus Stadium in Perth, Australia. Although his opponent is still undecided, fans are hoping to see a rematch between KO and ‘The Maverick’.

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