Jake Paul explains what keeps him motivated amid naysayers dismissing his hard work: “Resilient and toughness”

The crossover boxing scene has witnessed explosive performances from Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and KSI. Currently, Jake and KSI stand at the forefront of the crossover boxing realm, closely followed by Logan Paul.

While KSI and Logan have become business partners and close friends, having fought inside the boxing ring with KSI emerging victorious, the dynamic between KSI and Jake Paul is quite different. Despite both having only lost to Tommy Fury in boxing, fans are eagerly anticipating a potential matchup between Jake Paul and KSI.

Jake Paul explains his drive to work hard

Jake Paul recently fought Andre August inside the boxing ring and won via first-round knockout. He is currently presumed to fight Ryan Bourland in the co-main event of an Amanda Serrano PPV. Preluding the fight, Paul was on George Janko’s podcast where he explained his drive to work hard.

“I think I knew that I was different and had something special. I just didn’t fully know it, but I just felt it, I guess, in a sense, like you had faith in yourself,” Paul said when asked about how he got the resilience and hard work.

“At the time, I just felt like I kept on getting kicked down and down and down, but I think I was just so passionate, so driven, and resilient,” Paul further added.

“I think the resilience came from my dad, and that toughness to not let them shape that character and kick me down into a box and put me there,” Paul credited his father for making him resilient and tough in his life.

“I think just pushing through that, I slowly found wins. But specifically enough, it actually made me more competitive and driven,” Paul went on to explain how he found wins in his career as an influencer and boxer. Both Paul brothers were featured in the Forbes list of top earned influencers recently.

“So, I think when they’re kicking you down like that and you’re not fitting in certain places, you can go one of two ways. You could cower, or you could just double down,” Paul revealed how he became as resilient and tough as he is now.

Jake Paul Wants to End His Unfinished Business with KSI

Jake Paul has a longstanding rivalry with fellow YouTuber KSI and it serves as a significant motivator for ‘The Problem Child.’ The two had a face-off inside the boxing ring after Paul knocked out AnEsonGib. Now, ‘Most Valuable Promotions’ owned by Jake Paul has tweeted out about the culmination of the fight.

“4 years ago today Jake Paul fought and KO Gib in the first round. KSI had said Gib would KO Jake. He had also said if Jake beats Gib, he would agree to fight Jake. 4 years later. 185 and we have a fight,” official X handle of Most Valuable Promotions posted.

From the tweet, it is very evident that Paul wants to put an end to the beef even though the two fight at different weight classes. Logan Paul, who is close with KSI, has also expressed his interest to see KSI fight his younger brother.

It’s worth noting that KSI live-streamed his sparring match with IShowSpeed at the same time Jake Paul’s boxing match with Andre August started. However, based on the tweet from MVP Promotions, fans can now hope for a potential fight between the two in 2024.

Who do you think will win a boxing match between Jake Paul and KSI? Leave your prediction below!


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