Lewis Hamilton Replacement: Who will potentially be the next Mercedes F1 driver in 2025?

The Formula One community is still coping with the recent startling revelation that unfolded on the paddock a few days ago. Fans of both Mercedes and Ferrari teams are actively seeking valid theories and reasons behind Lewis Hamilton’s possible switch to Ferrari in the upcoming 2025 season.

However, the most common question revolves around the short time frame of just one year: who will Mercedes opt for to take over the position left vacant by the departing British driver?

Potential candidates to replace Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes

With the unfolding news of Lewis Hamilton transferring to Ferrari in the 2025 season, numerous sources are now in search of potential candidates to analyse and speculate on who might be Mercedes’s new teammate in the 2025 season.

The seven-time World Champion’s departure from the team came as a huge blow for Mercedes. However, currently, they only have the option to ensure progress for the team in the absence of Hamilton by choosing a suitable driver for his potential replacement within one year.

Many are considering Carlos Sainz to be a viable option for Mercedes currently due to his automatic loss of contract with Scuderia Ferrari. However, there is also a high probability of the Spanish driver moving to Audi, as the team offered a multi-year extension contract to him long before the news of Hamilton’s transfer unfolded. 

Like many other drivers, Esteban Ocon’s current contract will expire shortly, with the Frenchman still unsure of whether to stay with Alpine or grab the opportunity to move to a new team, preferably Mercedes. The 27-year-old already has a former history with the Brickley-based squad, which heightens the chances of his transfer next year.

Another potential replacement for Hamilton could be the Thai-British driver Alex Albon, considering his well-known reputation for giving his best to cope as the teammate of Max Verstappen while driving for Red Bull before he reluctantly transferred to the Williams team in the 2022 season.

On the other side, Fernando Alonso, the most experienced driver on the grid, has scored eight podiums, defying his age restrictions in Alpine. However, there are also high chances that the Spanish driver might consider transferring to Mercedes to spend the rest of his career as a part of the multi-time World Championship-winning team.

Last but not least, the young talent Andrea Kim Antonelli has been trusted to already work with Mercedes by hiring him in Formula Two this year. Antonelli has been involved with the team since joining  Mercedes’ F1 academy in 2019. Even though the driver will be only 18 years old in 2025, if he is able to showcase his driving skills in Formula 2 this season, there is a high probability of him getting promoted to Formula 1 in Hamilton’s seat next season.

Why Lewis Hamilton decided to move to Ferrari?

It is widely known by everyone that Lewis Hamilton is not afraid to make decisions if they concern his racing career. The seven-time World Champion had been evidently struggling for the past few seasons due to the incapability of the Mercedes vehicle.

Initially, Hamilton had optimistic expectations of outperforming Red Bull through strategic planning and teamwork. However, due to the car’s consistent underperformance, the British driver has lost confidence in achieving that goal. Even after the promising statement of Toto Wolff and the strategic development of their car, Hamilton still had doubts about the improvement of the team so quickly.

The 39-year-old was persuaded by Ferrari’s upcoming plans with their promising strategic developments and the introduction of new aerodynamic and power unit regulations, which could assure the World Champion’s remaining career life. As a result, Hamilton took a big leap of faith and decided to part ways with Mercedes at the end of the 2024 season.

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