Lewis Hamilton: which NFL team does the Mercedes driver own?

Lewis Hamilton is known for his enthralling adventures in Formula 1. He is a record-breaking winner and seven-time world champion in the pinnacle of motorsports. The Mercedes ace has a flair for the sport but he has many business ventures that he is currently pursuing. He has his own fashion brand and he even has his own racing team.

Lewis Hamilton’s involvement in the Hollywood industry is just an example of his varied interests and now his appearance at a recent NFL game has fans questioning him. Lewis watches and knows many sports personalities outside Formula 1 but his fans are wondering if Lewis’s appearance in the NFL is a sign.

Which NFL team does Lewis Hamilton own?

The NFL is a prestigious league in American football and attracts many viewers due to its exciting action and nail-biting match experiences. Lewis Hamilton has been a follower of the sport for a long time and he appeared in one of the games for the Denver Broncos wearing their jersey.

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton owns the Broncos via Getty

This had fans wondering for the obvious, if the seven-time star was associated with the Denver Broncos in any way. It turns out that Lewis Hamilton is one of the owners of the Broncos and an avid supporter of the team. Lewis Hamilton was a part of the Walter-Penner group, which made him an effective owner of the Denver Broncos in 2022.

Allegedly, Lewis had spent record-breaking money to achieve this, and he was more than happy to become a part of the sport by owning a team like the Denver Broncos. He even said it was a unique honor for him and he wants to do good for the sport while cheering on his team, the Broncos.

Lewis Hamilton’s involvement in golf

Lewis Hamilton, like many other drivers, spends his time playing golf during breaks between races. Hamilton is also an essential fan of Tiger Woods and he even dedicated his race win in honor of Woods’s win in golf. Hamilton has joined fellow Formula 1 drivers to become a part of TMRW Sports, a new endeavor in the worlds of sports, media and entertainment.

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton is a golf enthusiast via YouTube

Hamilton’s decision aligned with his idea of inclusion in sports. Hamilton earlier reflected on the fact that very few black people represented and constituted the top owners of any sport. Lewis Hamilton intends to change this situation and the Denver Broncos are his first stepping stone to the grand goal he has set. TMRW Sports shared the collective interests of its investors in golf and put forth their grand plans.

“Their combined broad reach and cultural relevance will expand potential opportunities and fanbases for TMRW projects. Plus, many share a passion for golf that only adds more fuel to TGL, our first project in partnership with the PGA Tour.”

Lewis Hamilton
TMRW Sports is a new venture for Hamilton via Google

Do you think Hamilton’s gradual misalignment from Formula 1 is a telltale sign of an upcoming retirement? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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