Logan Paul pairs up with Dominik Mysterio to send stern message to Rey Mysterio ahead of US title clash at WWE Crown Jewel

Logan Paul has been a phenomenal wrestler since his debut in WWE, despite being a YouTuber. A few months ago, Logan Paul stated in an interview that he would like to partner up with a WWE superstar in the future, and that star is none other than NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio.

However, Logan’s wish has come true on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, where he and Dominik teamed up to destroy Rey Mysterio with their blazing promo.

Logan Paul throws shade at Rey Mysterio with Dominik Mysterio

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Logan Paul did a segment where he took a dig at the current United States Champion, Rey Mysterio, and surprisingly, Dominik Mysterio joined the scene to make fun of his father.

Logan initially started his promo like his usual ones, where he slams his opponents with his sharp scissors tongue, and this time he slammed his previous boxing opponent, Dillon Danis. However, within a few seconds of that promo, Dirty Dom made an entrance with a mic in his hand and welcomed The Maverick to Raw. During that moment, the audience was booing Dominik, but Logan tried to calm the crowd by letting Dom talk.

With that, they overcame the adversity they had previously faced and started targeting Rey Mysterio. Logan at one point called Rey Mysterio Dominik’s “deadbeat dad”. They criticized the achievement of the Master of 619 to an extreme level. But they got the taste of beating from the flying star Ricochet as they tried to insult his fiancee, Samantha Irvin, by calling her in the ring.

Logan Paul vs Rey Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel

On the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, the match between Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship at Crown Jewel 2023 was confirmed. Both superstars will face each other on November 4 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This storyline started after Logan defeated Dillon Danis in a boxing match on October 14. After that match, The Maverick revealed his dream to win the WWE United States Championship, as he is a citizen of the USA. These words reached the ear of the current champion of the title, Rey Mysterio, and the Master of 619 accepted to face Logan as he seemed worthy in the eyes of the Hall of Famer.

On the latest episode of SmackDown, both superstars cut a promo together and decided to face each other in a title match. Both superstars were very respectful towards each other during the whole promo and this was a very rare sight for WWE fans.

Do you think Logan Paul will be able to win the United States Championship from Rey Mysterio? Let us know your view on this in the comment section below!

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