Max Verstappen gets booed on podium as he triumphs over Lewis Hamilton to win his 50th Grand Prix at F1 2023 United States GP

Max Verstappen has profusely entertained the audience with his thrilling performances since the start of his career. His way of dominating the entire match is simply mesmerizing and a major hurdle for the rest of the drivers. 

At the US GP, Verstappen initially started the event with a disappointing qualifying run; however, he soon turned the tables by winning the GP yet again, in Sunday being a man of his word.

Max Verstappen wins his 50th Grand Prix at F1 2023 United States GP

Max Verstappen secured the 15th win of the present F1 season and grabbed the title of having his 50th win of his entire career. Only the Beast of the Industry could break all the odds and make it to the first position, despite starting from the sixth grid. He also playfully challenged others to test his RB19 limits on the track.

The Dutch racer had a disappointing start of the event due to the new track-limiting rules. However, he did promise the audience that today’s race would be worth watching, proving his statement true as he clinched his 50th win.

Beginning from the sixth grid, Verstappen avoided any sort of mistakes in the opening laps and gradually moved ahead of his competitors, positioning himself at a stable place on the grid, slowly but steadily.

After his first pit stop, the three-time World Champion instinctively overtook Lando Norris, leaving him in the second position. The drivers at the front tried various methods to secure themselves at the first position, however, it was Verstappen who could use his strategy wisely ending the race with the very first position.

Hamilton tried his best to launch an attack on the Dutch driver during the final laps, however, he failed to do so, finally lacking behind Lando Norris. Hamilton went on to ultimately be disqualified from the race, due to breaking one of the rules issued by the FIA.

Charles Leclerc grabbed the pole position initially, however, the Monégasque driver could not successfully use his position to achieve a far better result in Sunday’s race. He also faced the same fate as Hamilton, being disqualified from his sixth position.

Max Verstappen gets booed by American fans on podium after victory

When receiving the award at the podium, a large section of American fans booed Max Verstappen. Verstappen’s fans got furious at the news as clearly, the drivers were not being protected by unreasonable hate from a few people despite trying their best at the GP.

Compared to Hamilton and Norris, Verstappen was not a fan favourite of the people present in the Circuit of Americas. Even so, fans are urging the FIA to solve the issue by protecting the drivers from the hate which could play a vital role in their mental health.

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