Max Verstappen reveals “Mercedes” to be the largest possible threat for the F1 2024 season

Despite Mercedes experiencing a gradual decline in performance during the latter part of the 2023 season, both the team and Lewis Hamilton have been actively plotting multiple strategies to brace themselves for the upcoming season. Significant modifications are expected in the car design to address the upcoming challenges.

This may be a huge threat for the others. Max Verstappen has recently discussed that two teams could pose a potential threat to Red Bull in the 2024 season, with Mercedes being one of them, as per recent reports.

Max Verstappen claims “Mercedes” to be the biggest threat for 2024

Previously, Max Verstappen had predicted that McLaren would pose a significant challenge for Red Bull in the 2024 Formula One season due to their major updates to the car. However, the three-time World Champion has named another team, which could be their biggest rivals on the grid, either by luck or simply by consistent improvements.

Verstappen claimed Mercedes could be one of the biggest threats to the team, even though the team faced consistent struggles in the previous season. Mercedes has revealed that the 2024 season could witness the greatest plot twist in the Formula One industry with an improved W15.

While spectators acknowledge the fact that merely a car’s pace could not surely ensure the victory of a driver, they have also witnessed Hamilton’s incredible performances in the early stages of his career, winning seven consecutive titles.

Considering the situation, the Red Bull driver is cautious, despite being the strongest force among the other teams. He stated, “Of course, we will try to develop our car further, but the other teams have learned a lot from us.I hope there won’t be more competition, but I expect there to be.”

Max Verstappen lost Jumbo as a longtime sponsor before F1 2024

Jumbo, the supermarket chain, has been involved in an exclusive partnership with Max Verstappen since 2015. However, the new chief team executive has confirmed that they will no longer be able to extend their contract for 2024; however, their current ongoing contract will still be feasible for the team.

“We annually invest more than €20 million in sports sponsorship, but I can only spend every euro once. We cannot return that money to the customer or invest it in sustainability or health.”

This decision was fueled by a money laundering case related to the previous chief executive, Frits van Eerd, who was arrested for being suspected of handling illegal transitions. Even though Jumbo has proved to be guilty, the supermarket chain wanted to have a fresh start by not engaging in any sponsorship deals in the future for a while.

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