Max Verstappen’s interaction with Mercedes from 2016 goes viral amid Red Bull concerns

When Max Verstappen’s name is mentioned, it immediately evokes a sense of triumph and success, dedicated to his unbeatable victories both on GTA Racing and on the real Formula One tracks.

Despite Max’s strict adherence to rules on tracks, he exhibits a playful and humorous side off the tracks, as evidenced by several viral instances. Most recently, a humorous interaction from his younger days has been revealed on social media, providing Formula One fans with additional amusement.

8 year old Max Verstappen interaction with Mercedes goes viral

In 2016, Max Versappen made a lasting impression on the Formula One industry with his exceptional driving skills while competing for Toro Rosso, the junior team of Red Bull Racing. However, the Dutch driver always had a desire to drive for Mercedes one day to fulfil his childhood dream.

Unfortunately for Max, that opportunity never came as Mercedes did not have a vacant position in their junior team at that time yet, unlike Red Bull. As a result, the three-time World Champion was moved to the senior team of Red Bull as their main driver, and he has been marking his legacy in F1 history ever since.

Previously, a heartfelt interaction between 8-year-old Verstappen and Mercedes had gone viral for its innocence and the young Verstappen’s dedication in applying for a driver role at such a tender age.

Fans were amused by the interesting conversation between the two, as revealed by Mercedes in a post on Twitter. To this, Verstappen sarcastically commented, “My job application is at least the best of the ones you got sent, isn’t it?”

Max Verstappen’s father reportedly spotted with Toto Wolff

On the other hand, after almost 8 years, there have been widespread rumours circulating among spectators linking Verstappen to Mercedes in the future due to his father’s harsh words against  the team’s principal, Christian Horner. Additionally, Verstappen has also been spotted with Toto Wolff by the paparazzis, shortly after he expressed a plethora of criticism against the British openly in an interview.

Christian Horner has been involved in an unwanted controversy, along with allegations of assault against him by a female colleague, since the start of February this year. Despite the repeated chaos surrounding him, the team boss has denied the allegations and remained firm in his refusal to step down from his role as the leader, which was initially suggested by the team’s parent company.

This has deeply infuriated Jos Verstappen, who claimed that his actions will inevitably cause distress within the team in the future, damaging their reputation at the same time. However, when Jos was asked about whether he would stop his son from driving on the team, the former driver asked, “Why would I do that?”

“Max has a contract with Red Bull until 2028, is performing well, and feels at home here. I have no interest in that at all,” Jos said, adding to the spectators’s confusion with his answer.

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