Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton breaks silence after expulsion from US GP 2023: “Disappointing to be disqualified”

Lewis Hamilton had one of his best weekends in the F1 2023 season so far; he was closer to the win than he had ever been. But ultimately, Max triumphed over him with his maneuvers and Lewis had to satisfy himself with a mere 2nd place after his valiant efforts. Lewis Hamilton was definitely not satisfied with the second place and he would have wanted more.

However, nothing yet could prepare Lewis Hamilton for what was about to happen later on. In a less than appealing and demotivating manner, Lewis Hamilton was stripped of his achievement and he couldn’t do anything but watch as it slipped from his hands.

Lewis Hamilton talks on US GP expulsion

Lewis Hamilton was expelled from the podium after an amazing race fighting for the win with Max Verstappen. Hamilton was straight up disqualified from the race alongside Charles Leclerc. They both lost their podiums and fans have been wondering about them ever since. Almost all of the community is waiting for their reactions to this new development post-race.

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Lewis Hamilton finally decided to comment on his recent disappointment and it was certainly not a pleasing situation for Lewis. “We had a good pace and I was feeling great in the car. I feel positive as we go forward, even though we thought we could have won today. Of course it’s disappointing to be disqualified after the race, but it doesn’t take away from the progress we made this weekend,” he commented.

The fans are wondering about the issue that caused this sudden penalty from the stewards and the stewards clarified the exact condition for expulsion from the race in an official statement.

“A physical floor and a plank wear inspection was carried out on car numbers 16 and 44. The skids shown in the area -825> XR >- 1025 are found to be not in compliance with Article 3.5.9.”

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Before the handover of these penalties, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen enjoyed a more than ecstatic podium celebration together after a hard-fought race that they had rightfully earned. But, when the disqualification came into effect, both of the affected drivers were stripped of their podiums immediately.

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Behind them, Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz, who were in 4th and 5th positions, got promoted to podium positions, with Lando securing a 2nd place finish and Carlos Sainz getting 3rd in the race. The news came off as shocking to many fans and they couldn’t help but be disappointed about Lewis and Charles’s unfortune.

What do you think about post-race penalties? Do you think only checking Lewis and Charles’s cars was legitimate for stewards? Drop your opinions in the comments.


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