Oleksandr Usyk reveals perfect gameplan to ensure victory vs Tyson Fury

Oleksandr Usyk has become one of the nightmares in today’s heavyweight division after consistently dominating in 21 fights. In fact, Usyk stands as a significant obstacle in Tyson Fury’s legacy for one straightforward reason — he holds the title of an undefeated WBA heavyweight champion.

This clash of WBC champion and WBA champion is predicted to be a blockbuster fight already. The whole MMA community just wants to know how Oleksandr Usyk will deal with Tyson Fury’s mind games in the ring and what method he is going to implement in this bout.

Oleksandr Usyk’s plan to win vs. Tyson Fury

In Tyson Fury’s last 35 fights, none of his opponents have managed to breach the defenses of the WBC champion. Despite numerous world champions attempting to test their luck, Fury’s mental strategies, powerful punches, and elusive maneuvers have consistently emerged victorious.

With Oleksandr Usyk stepping up for the 36th attempt, he aims to discover the weaknesses that previous opponents couldn’t identify. Usyk was recently asked about his approach to facing the towering 6ft 9 ½ inch WBC champion.

Usyk candidly shared the specific strategy he and his team were focusing on. Oleksandr Usyk disclosed that they plan to lean forward and emphasize the need for quick movements to evade and counter with combinations.

Providing a hint for other fighters, Usyk suggested that dealing with Fury doesn’t require excessive weight but demands swift reflexes and well-timed punches. Concluding his statement, the WBA champion metaphorically stated, “You never see a fat wolf in the forest,” emphasizing the importance of staying agile and active throughout the fight.

Usyk sheds light on Fury’s mind games.

Oleksandr Usyk issued a warning to Tyson Fury, asserting that he wouldn’t fall into the mental traps that other opponents succumbed to.

Downplaying the significance of Fury’s actions outside the boxing ring, Usyk mentioned that, aside from boxing, he doesn’t care about Fury’s activities. The 37-year-old emphasized that he is indifferent to what his next opponent thinks of him.

Usyk explicitly stated that underestimating or overestimating him is not his strategy, but he has a particular plan to handle the situation.

While Usyk refrained from making predictions about the fight’s outcome, his manager, Egis Klimas, is confidently stating that it will be Usyk who will shock the world. Klimas asserts that Oleksandr Usyk possesses the necessary skills to defeat Tyson Fury, and he is certain that Usyk will achieve this feat.

Egis Klimas told Ring Magazine, “We went through a lot to get this fight made. Usyk will beat Fury. I am sure it will not be easy. I would not even be surprised if he stopped Fury.”

Despite acknowledging the difficulty of the task, Klimas expressed solid faith in his client, suggesting that a victory for Usyk in the ring would not be a surprising outcome for him.

On February 17th, boxing fans will find out who will be the undisputed boxing champion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What do you guys think Oleksandr Usyk’s game plan is to defeat the WBC champion?

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