One decision from Ron Dennis turned Lewis Hamilton into ‘race-winning machine’

At the age of ten, Lewis Hamilton made a decisive choice when he encountered Ron Dennis, the founder of the Mercedes Group. In that moment, he resolved to eventually drive one of Ron’s cars in the future and decided to follow the path of the legendary businessman.

Over the years, their relationship has evolved significantly, and the CEO of McLaren has played a vital role in contributing to Hamilton’s current successful status.

Ron Dennis’ contribution to Lewis Hamilton success

Ron Dennis has been fond of the seven-time World Champion ever since he was a child. The duo had both made an agreement to contact each other once Hamilton turned nineteen years old.

The McLaren boss, Ron Dennis, had seen the true potential of the British driver a long time ago, and when Hamilton finally got the chance to showcase his potential on the tracks of Formula One, Dennis was by his side, showing unwavering support for the Mercedes.

The Mercedes founder had even gone to the extent of hiring a neuroscientist to utilize Hamilton’s skills with the help of the vehicle. Frank Worrall said, “Big Ron had hired Dr Kerry Spackman, a New Zealand-born neuroscientist, apparently to turn the boy into a race-winning machine,” in the book ‘Lewis Hamilton: Triple World Champion: The Biography.‘

Dr. Spackman discovered the theory that even if a car has the greatest speed, it necessarily does not guarantee a definite win. The victory solely depends on the driver’s driving technique to gain a better place on the tracks. Therefore, Dennis had invited Dr. Spackman to assist Hamilton in realizing his true potential driving skills rather than just depending solely on the car’s speed.

Ron Dennis receives prestigious honour

Ron Dennis was glorified with a knighthood on Friday night. The former team boss of McLaren has been honoured for serving the industry with his charities and dedication, with the help of his recent work as Podium Analytics chair and Tommy’s Campaign chairman.

Dennis has also contributed a lot to motorsports and assisted McLaren in securing multiple wins throughout the seasons.  Currently, he has helped Red Bull become the strongest team on the tracks, with the help of the unbeatable champion, Max Verstappen.

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