Paul Heyman shares his candid thoughts on WWE SmackDown GM Nick Aldis: “P**ses me off!”

Paul Heyman joined Roman Reigns on the August 28, 2020, episode of SmackDown, assuming the role of the ‘Wiseman’ within the Bloodline faction. ‘The Tribal Chief’ is slated for a fatal 4-way match in the Royal Rumble, arranged by SmackDown GM Nick Aldis.

On January 27, the special counsel of The Bloodline attempted to halt the match, but Nick Aldis compelled ‘The Big Dog’ to sign for the Royal Rumble’s fatal 4-way match. Recently, Heyman took to social media to express his candid feelings about the SmackDown GM, sharing some harsh comments.

Paul Heyman gives his honest view on Nick Aldis

Paul Heyman has been a member of The Bloodline for a couple of years now. The Wiseman, the brand behind the faction, takes care of everything whenever Roman demands. In the recent episode of SmackDown Live, Heyman addressed Nick Aldis that Roman Reigns will never sign the contract for his match against Randy Orton, LA Knight, and AJ Styles.

The SmackDown General Manager then stated that if Roman Reigns refused to sign the contract, he would vacate the Undisputed WWE Universal title and modify the fatal 4-way match into a triple threat match. ‘The Tribal Chief’ was forced to return and sign that contract.

After that fiasco, Paul Heyman shared a story on Instagram, in which one of the stories he posted showed a picture of himself and Nick Aldis with a caption, that said, “Nick Aldis p**ses me off!”

Although Heyman’s anger at Aldis is not without merits as Nick also shared his side on how Reigns forced him to make this decision. During an interview with The Bump, Aldis said that there is no way to revert the situation and Roman only has to win his title in the upcoming match.

“All three of those men are more than worthy of a title shot. It seemed to me that Roman was trying to force my hand. Roman Reigns being agitated is pretty far down in my list of priorities. I’m not really sure what he means by ‘fix it.’ There’s no fixing to be done. The way you fix this, Roman, is by proving your worth and emerging victorious at the Royal Rumble.”

Is Roman Reigns going to replace Paul Heyman?

Paul Heyman has been a long-standing member of WWE, and his skills and charisma have played a significant role. Whenever he has counseled superstars like Brock Lesner, CM Punk, or Roman Reigns, each WWE star has experienced career highlights under the guidance of the ‘Wiseman.’

Since CM Punk’s recent return at Survivor Series WarGames, several former WWE wrestlers have made surprising comebacks, including The Rock, who made an unexpected appearance at the Day-1 event. In recent rumors circulating, it has been suggested that Rikishi, the father of both Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, might make a WWE return after 20 years.

In an earlier interview, Rikishi shared his view on Roman Reigns as a wrestler. He said, “I think the whole world acknowledges Roman Reigns. I am proud of Joe, Reigns’ real name, Sika Reigns’ father, Joe Anoa’i. I think that on the flip side of wanting to be one of the boys, I think Reigns is doing one hell of a job.”

What do you think of the fatal 4-way match? Do you think Paul Heyman will interfere? Let us know in the comments section below!

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