Racy Brit model comes to the aid of CM Punk after his lawyer’s heated exchange with Chris Jericho

Tensions rose as CM Punk criticized against his former company and AEW employees at a heated press conference, and Chris Jericho got into a heated argument with Punk’s lawyer, Stephen P. New.

An English model responded to the chaotic scenario by taking to Twitter, urging anybody trying to cause problems with Punk and his lawyer to refrain. She spoke legally, stressing her unwillingness to step in but making it clear that she would do so to keep the metaphorical classroom under control.

English model threatens AEW talents with DM leaks over CM Punk controversy

Joining AEW in 2021, CM Punk aimed to become a pivotal character for the organization. But a heated altercation with The Elite at the All Out 2022 pay-per-view event caused quite some noise. The incident just came to light when Ace Steel’s lawyer and CM Punk disclosed that the only person exempt from the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) was Steel’s wife.

Reacting on Twitter, Jericho denied signing a non-disclosure agreement when questioned by Punk and Steel’s legal team. Stephen P. New countered that everyone involved had to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in the AEW employee handbook, so they couldn’t talk publicly about the heated events that had taken place. Jericho responded in great detail, accusing New of generalizing about his pals Punk and Steel and dropping hints that he saw the entire AEW All-Out brawl.

CM Punk
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Morgan Holly Moore, an English model, joined the Twitter frenzy and threatened to disclose conversations about celebs breaking the handbook rule if Punk’s disrespectful behavior persisted. Although Punk’s lawyer did not publicly identify Jericho, the scenario has left fans curious to see how it develops.

CM Punk concentrating on his first match since WWE return

A month after Survivor Series: WarGames, CM Punk returned to WWE, and he immediately generated hype. Despite his lack of televised bout experience, he is hell-bent on winning the Royal Rumble and becoming the main attraction at WrestleMania next year.

Before Royal Rumble, on the Live Holiday Tour, Punk will face Dominik Mysterio in his return to WWE almost after 10 years. In January of 2024, he will also take part in the 30-man battle and get a chance to face Seth Rollins.

CM Punk
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Going back to the site of his last WWE bout from his previous run, Punk is determined to win this time around. The former WWE champion posted an Instagram story thanking fans as he celebrated Christmas, building anticipation for his forthcoming encounter at Madison Square Garden’s Holiday House show event.

Do you want to make a bet that Dirty Dom will emerge victorious during his match against CM Punk, or are you going to choose The Best In The World? share your opinion in the comment section.

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