Red Bull star Sergio Perez drops controversial claim of racial prejudice in F1, highlighting George Russell’s crash at Singapore GP as an example

Sergio Perez hasn’t had the best season in F1 this year as he was unable to stand up to the limits he set for himself with his past performances at Red Bull and other teams. The Mexican is being scrutinized almost every weekend because of his let down performances and many people believe that his Red Bull seat is in danger.

Perez, on the contrary, believes that the constant media and fanbase scrutiny of his mistakes after each race is becoming unfair. He cited George Russell’s recent failure in the Singapore GP as an example, even hinting towards the potential presence of racial discrimination within Formula 1.

Sergio Perez believes there is racial discrimination in F1

In a recent race, George Russell was in aggressive fight for the podium and a possible race win during the Singapore GP, but, during the last lap of the race he crashed going from 3rd to last. Sergio Perez mentioned this incident claiming how there wasn’t any buzz in the media regarding this but instead if he makes any kind of error he becomes the target for a lot of hate directed to him.

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“We saw it with Russell. He crashed from third place on the last lap, but you don’t hear anyone talking about it. If something like that happens at Red Bull, you immediately have three hundred media channels on your roof telling you that you have to leave,” a visibly hurt Perez mentioned, “This kind of thing happens a lot in F1 and that’s how it works in a team environment, but I think it also has a lot of influence that I am Mexican.”

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Furthermore, even Helmut Marko had faced quite a huge backlash when he compared Sergio Perez to other Red Bull greats like Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen and mentioned his origins amidst of it all.

Sergio Perez performances this season

Sergio Perez has a superb start to the 2023 season by winning off 2 of the starting races against his superstar teammate. Almost everyone was certain that the Red Bulls would be fighting each other in what would be a brutal battle for the Driver’s championship.


However, aspiration turned into expectations that led to disappointments and negativity. Sergio Perez dropped into a well of crashes and race pace mistakes which kept decreasing his credibility against his near perfect teammate who was straight out dominating entire race weekends.

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Sergio Perez isn’t performing as he used to, and this is evident from the desperation he shows during qualifying sessions and races. It could pose a significant problem for Perez, as Red Bull already has Daniel Ricciardo in their ranks, and he enjoys favoritism in the world of Red Bull racing

Do you think Perez will ever be able to win a Formula 1 world championship or will be sacked silently.


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