Red Bull’s Sergio Perez urges strong performance ahead of Brazilian GP to increase 20-point gap with Lewis Hamilton

Sergio Perez had yet another failure in the Mexican GP as he crashed out in his home race on the very first lap. The home hero had set out with many hopes and the ambition to keep his second place in the world championship. The race results, however, have made things dire for him.

The confidence from his supporters was supposed to be a huge benefit for Checo but even their cheers could not help him land in a sweet spot. The matter got more concerning now that Lewis Hamilton has decreased their point gap to 20 by securing a 2nd place finish. Sergio Perez needs to up his game.

Sergio Perez demands strong performance following Mexico failure

Sergio Perez has had a string of bad performances lately and he can’t help but get criticized everywhere due to the lack of podiums and the way he is currently being overshadowed by Max Verstappen. The drivers started off their season well but Max Verstappen secured his 16th win of the season in comparison to Perez’s lack of podiums.

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Checo realizes that his Red Bull seat can be in grave danger now that Red Bull’s ‘Honey Badger’ has started baring his teeth. The fact that Daniel’s AlphaTauri outqualified Sergio Perez seemed to have taken a toll on him as he demanded Red Bull to help him by making the car better.

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“We need to have a great weekend in Brazil and I feel confident in our ability to get results right now. It felt like things were coming together last weekend with the direction we are taking, I am more comfortable in the car, the work the team and I have put in together is paying off in terms of set up and performance.”

“Brazil is a totally different challenge to Mexico but it’s always a fun track and we have two opportunities to score points this weekend, so while Sprint weekends are a challenge on set up, we want to maximize this chance all we can.”

Perez faces uphill battle with 20-point gap to Hamilton

Sergio Perez is in a critical condition right now and his final position in the championship is going to be the biggest catalyst in his racing future. There are rumors and stories all around and Daniel Ricciardo’s sudden pace is only a challenge for Perez’s seat.

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F1 pundits have been talking about the much-contested second seat of Red Bull and it is a unanimous belief that Perez won’t be spared lightly if he loses his second place in the world championship to Lewis Hamilton. What makes the situation worse is that both McLaren and Mercedes are giving it their all to defeat Red Bull for a race win, which means more competition for Perez. If Checo wants to stay, he only needs to increase that 20-point gap, or else things won’t be as smooth for him.

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