Rhea Ripley reveals big WWE star’s Judgment Day exclusion after successful Women’s championship defense

Upon his return from an injury sustained during Survivor Series 2023, R-Truth declared his affiliation with The Judgement Day faction. However, Rhea Ripley, now part of the group, has publicly stated that they do not want him involved in any capacity.

Mami, clarifying the situation, confirmed that the 54-time 24/7 Champion will not be participating in The Judgment Day. This explanation from Ripley aims to dispel any confusion about R-Truth’s association with Judgement Day. The outcome of this unexpected turn and whether R-Truth will consider joining a new WWE group remains unclear.

Rhea Ripley confirms that R-Truth is not apart of Judgement Day

The Judgment Day does not include R-Truth, according to Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, even though Truth beat JD McDonagh in a “Loser Leaves Judgment Day” match on WWE Raw. After making an appearance at Survivor Series: WarGames, R-Truth has been blending in with the gang, going into their locker room and even performing Monday Night RAW to their theme tune. However, he is not one of the five official members of Judgment Day, as Ripley made clear.

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Faction member Mami recently spoke out against R-Truth during an interview for the WWE 2024 Preview Special, stating her disapproval and stressing that he is not a member of The Judgment Day. In her apology to the fans, Mami explained that R-Truth had invaded their territory and encouraged him to remain with the Awesome Truth faction rather than join the terrifying Judgment side. 

Although Ripley sent his best wishes to R-Truth on RAW, Eradicator made it plain that Truth’s mere presence in the clubhouse locker room does not qualify him to participate in Judgment Day.

She in the interview said, “To me, he thinks he’s a part of it, but we have never signed off on that. We have not discussed this. We have not agreed that Truth is in Judgment Day. So far, he is not. Sorry, everyone.”

Rhea Ripley defends her WWE Women’s title at WWE Raw Day 1

In the most recent episode of WWE Raw Day 1, Rhea Ripley pinned Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile to solidify her position as the undisputed champion of the Women’s World Championship. Despite Nile’s best efforts, Judgment Day’s Ripley proved too strong and skilled, and she won with a Riptide.

This was Ripley’s first match on TV since early December, and it was also her first title defense on TV since Survivor Series: War Games in November. Ripley defended her title and made 277 days reign in the championship match at “The Garden,” where she squared off against Ivy Nile and Shayna Baszler.

Rhea Ripley
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With CM Punk’s triumph against Dominik Mysterio and his return to WWE after a decade, the event broke the record for most attendees at a domestic non-televised WWE Live Event. During this historic encounter, Ripley was a supporting player on Mysterio’s side.

However, are you happy to see R-Truth in the Awesome Truth faction? Share your opinion in the comment section. 


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