Ryan Garcia ‘dead f*cking serious’ to end Jake Paul’s boxing career, issues bold challenge

Jake Paul, in a relatively young professional boxing career, has achieved more money and finances than even accomplished professional boxers. More often than not, mainstream professional boxers have voiced their contempt for Paul and his accomplishments inside the ring.

Paul’s recent victory over Ryan Bourland did not go unnoticed by the boxing community, especially Ryan Garcia who is scheduled to fight Devin Haney for the WBA Super Lightweight title in April 20 of this year. Garcia’s reaction was not warm at all after Paul’s victory over Bourland.

Ryan Garcia calls out Jake Paul

Jake Paul easily dispatched Ryan Bourland, one of the toughest tests of his professional boxing career and it did not sit well with the boxing community. Boxing fans did their best to diminish his accomplishment and now Ryan Garcia has joined the fray.

“I’m going to end this Jake Paul boxing thing!”, Garcia sent a stern warning to Paul post his victory over Bourland on X. The former WBC interim lightweight champion even urged Paul to get in contact with his team to make the fight happen.

Garcia’s callout did not end with a single tweet as he followed it with an audio note on X. “He’s disrespecting my sport,” said Garcia who also spoke about his part in introducing Jake Paul to the world of professional boxing.

Garcia ended the audio note by cussing Jake Paul and further expressing his interest in making the fight happen. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether a fight between a cruiserweight and a light could happen.

Jake Paul responds to Ryan Garcia’s challenge

Jake Paul and Nakissa Bidarian, the co-founders of Most Valuable Promotions, responded to Ryan Garcia after the boxer challenged Paul. Bidarian was critical of Garcia’s promotional antics as he found it to be a copycat version of Paul.

“You (Ryan Garcia) seem like you’re losing your mind, acting thirsty and desperate,” Paul responded to the callout. However, Paul admitted that he has love for Garcia but there is a line that he shouldn’t cross for fight promotion. Paul also mentioned Garcia’s alleged cocaine use which was first brought to light by Devin Haney during their promotional tour.

Jake Paul even went further as he alleged that Garcia was getting the drug from the cocaine capital of Columbia. Paul also diminished Garcia’s boxing prowess as he claimed himself to be a superior boxer to Ryan Garcia even though he did not have an accomplished amateur background like Garcia’s.

Paul also trolled Garcia for the comments he made about being a rich athlete even though he had only one super fight in his career which was against Gervonta Davis. It is worth nothing that Paul, Davis, and Garcia were among the highest-paid boxers of 2023.

Do you think a fight between Ryan Garcia and Jake Paul would ever happen? Leave your thoughts below.


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