Terence Crawford claps back at ‘little b*tch’ Teofimo Lopez after ex-champ’s claims Bud only fights ‘handicapped’ opponents

Terence Crawford is one of the biggest names in boxing, with over 14 years of professional boxing experience. He has shown the world of boxing that he is not an easy deal. This is the reason his 40 opponents haven’t been able to find the crack that will break Bud’s wall.

But the war of words is always between Terence Crawford and his opponents, be it on social media or during a face-off. Recently, something happened where once again ‘Bud’ couldn’t hold himself from giving an epic reply.

Teofimo Lopez slams Terence Crawford

Teofimo Lopez, in a recent interview, turned his critical eye towards Terence Crawford’s record, alleging that “Bud” only picks fights against injured opponents. To support his claim, he pointed to several recent matchups. First, he brought up Errol Spence Jr., who underwent cataract surgery after their fight, implying that Spence might have had an eye injury prior to the fight. Then he highlighted Jose Benevidez Jr.’s pre-fight leg injury and Kell Brook’s eye issue, strengthening his argument with further evidence.

“The fighters that Crawford fought were handicapped. Errol Spence just announced about his [cataract] in his eye. Jose Benevidez Jr., when Crawford fought him, had a shot leg. Who’s the other fighter? Kell Brook with his eye.” Lopez told the interviewer.

“So every fighter that Crawford has faced throughout the 147-pound division, whether it looks good on paper, they’ve been injured. I’m healthy. Fight the best fighter at a healthier weight.”

He claimed that whoever Terence had fought, they might have looked good on paper, but they were not actually healthy. He also went on to say that he was in fine health and ready to fight.

Teofimo Lopez is one of the young stars in the boxing world, having had WBO and WBA championship titles to his name. In the month of June, Teofimo made a big announcement about his career after defeating his opponent Josh Taylor on June 10.

Later, on June 12, ‘The Takeover’ announced his retirement at a very young age. But now it looks like he is planning to make his return after he made a big statement about the undefeated Terence Crawford.

Terence Crawford fires back at Teofimo Lopez

Now Terence Crawford has given his fierce reply to Lopez’ claim. Crawford tweeted, claiming Teofimo Lopez has nothing to say when they come face-to-face, but when he is on camera, he has lots of words to say.

“And @TeofimoLopez, yo little bitch ass better worry about those little guys that’s on yo ass down there in yo weight class. It’s crazy every time I see you. You don’t even look my way, but when you’re in front of a camera, you have so much to say. You a pussy.”

What’s your take on the statement Teofimo Lopez recently made about Terence Crawford? Will Lopez make his return to fight undefeated Terence Crawford?

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