The Undertaker mentions the one line from Cody Rhodes’s promo that made his “heart just sunk into my stomach”

It seems that Cody Rhodes has had a change of heart about his decision not to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. He has decided to go ahead with the match instead of stepping aside for The Rock. However, the situation is still unclear as The Great One’s presence looms. Moreover, Rhodes’ WrestleMania status is yet to be confirmed.

It’s uncertain whether WWE’s original plan was to have Rhodes face Reigns or if the fans’ strong reaction to Rhodes’ initial decision influenced a change in direction. Recently, The Undertaker mentioned in his podcast that he wasn’t pleased with the things happening surrounding Rhodes’ WrestleMania dream, but he also felt that it was good in some way.

The Undertaker comments on Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania 40 situation

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker, with over 30 years of experience, recently shared his emotional response to the uncertain plans surrounding Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40. This year’s Road to WrestleMania has been full of surprises, from CM Punk’s injury to rumors about The Rock potentially replacing Cody Rhodes in a match against Roman Reigns.

On the February 2 episode of WWE SmackDown, Rhodes gave Reigns the impression that he wouldn’t confront him at WrestleMania. This led to a tense staring match between The Rock and Reigns. Undertaker shared on the “Six Feet Under” podcast that he was genuinely disappointed when it seemed like Cody wouldn’t be continuing with the storyline.

“I want to hear Cody’s promo. It was great, so good, and I was so invested. When he said ‘…just not at #WrestleMania’ my freaking heart just sunk into my stomach because I knew in that moment what was about to happen. Believe me, money-wise, having The Rock at ‘Mania, brother, come on, against Roman who’s been champion for what, 13 years now? Samoan vs. Samoan. It’s huge and it is what it is,” said The Undertaker.

The Deadman recognized the possible appeal of a match between Rock and Reigns. However, he also showed an understanding of The American Nightmare’s situation and drew parallels to his own experiences in his career. The Undertaker praised Cody Rhodes for delivering his promo so professionally and like a champ. He empathized with Cody and acknowledged the difficulty of his position.

Cody Rhodes reacts to WrestleMania 40 teaser trailer

WrestleMania 40 is scheduled to take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 6th and 7th. This year’s event is expected to be one of the biggest in the history of the show. The main event will feature Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. Other notable wrestlers, such as Seth Rollins, Rhea Ripley, Bayley, and IYO SKY, will also participate in this two-night event.

WWE has recently released the teaser trailer for WrestleMania 40, featuring the four biggest stars of the show: Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, The Rock, and Roman Reigns. The trailer showcases clips from the WrestleMania 40 press event, which ended in a brawl after The Rock slapped Cody Rhodes.

The latest teaser trailer for WrestleMania 40 has garnered a reaction from The American Nightmare, who seems to be gearing up for a match against Roman Reigns. Cody also expressed his excitement for the upcoming event in a recent tweet. It remains to be seen what role The Rock will play in WrestleMania 40, but we can expect more updates in the coming weeks.

“The Showcase Of Immortals 40 years of #WrestleMania,“ wrote Cody Rhodes in his tweet.

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