Ferrari hopes to bring in Red Bull technical director with Lewis Hamilton signing

In recent years, Ferrari has been determined to reaffirm its historical significance by gearing up for a robust comeback. However, according to recent reports, their intentions extend beyond merely altering the speed of their car.

The Italian-based team has decided on a strategic overhaul, introducing new members as part of a planning initiative aimed at potentially benefiting the squad.

Ferrari rumored to be interested in Pierre Wache

Recently, Ferrari has made a significant bold move by transferring Lewis Hamilton to their team for the 2025 season. However, their intentions do not stop at the recruitment of the drivers; they have no plans to confine their team changes solely to that aspect.

Currently, Pierre Wache has risen to fame as one of the most renowned technical directors in the Formula One industry. As a result, the team boss of Ferrai, Fred Vasseur, has decided to take the ultimate advantage of Hamilton’s transfer and exploit the close relationship between Adrian Newey and Wache to convince him to part ways with Red Bull. The Frenchman, being only 49 years old, could play a vital role in leading the team to success in the upcoming few years.

So far, Red Bull stands as one of Ferrari’s biggest rivals, so it is only natural for the Italian team to take away one of its key members to end their dominance. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Wache has already been involved in a salary discussion with Ferrari and is only waiting for Christian Horner’s verdict now.

Ferrari seeks to strength every area after Lewis Hamilton signing

Now that Ferrari has already made some major changes in their key drivers‘, the team is in pursuit of developing their technical department. In the past, apart from Pierre Wache, the squad had tried multiple times to steal Adrian Newey, another individual who played a significant role in Red Bull’s success.

However, with his multiple rejections, they had finally given up. After that, the team boss has found a ray of hope in Wache, who has expressed interest in transferring to any team with a higher salary.

Red Bull’s success does not solely depend on Max Verstappen, but on the whole collaboration of the team. Therefore, if Ferrari manages to break their source of success, they might have a golden opportunity to regain their dominance again on the paddock.

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