Throwback: Big Boss Man avoided the Undertaker’s crucifix before it burst into flames 25 years ago

The Undertaker, a menacing force during the Attitude Era, inflicted severe and ruthless harm on every opponent. In his time with ‘The Ministry of Darkness’, Undertaker orchestrated numerous evil acts that remain classics in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) history.

One memorable event from ‘The Ministry of Darkness’ era is when they captured Big Boss Man, securing him on Undertaker’s crucifix. During this incident, Undertaker intended to set ‘The Boss’ on fire, but Big Boss Man managed to escape from the restraints before the crucifix could be engulfed in flames.

When Big Boss Man escaped the Undertaker’s burning crucifix

In the Attitude Era, the Demon of Death Valley, Undertaker, found himself in a heated rivalry with Vince McMahon. During a match with Mankind, Vince intervened, prompting Undertaker to attempt a ‘Chokeslam’ on Mr. McMahon, only to be thwarted by Big Boss Man who saved Vince from the clutches of the ‘Deadman’.

Enraged by this interference, Undertaker instructed his faction, ‘The Ministry of Darkness’, to capture ‘The Boss’ with the intention of burning him on his crucifix. Undertaker, who had a long streak in WrestleMania, got an opportunity in WM 15. On March 8, 1998, at WrestleMania XV, Taker finally got his hands on the ‘Boss Man’.

During the segment, ‘The Lord of Darkness’ Undertaker crucified the ‘Boss Man’ and before he could burn him, the wrestler successfully escaped from the bindings. Big Boss Man managed to escape from his clutches and on the other hand police were being beaten off by Taker & his faction until he decided to turn himself in. Some fans still now find this session as one of the best classics from the 90s era and as the golden age of Undertakers domination.

What does the Undertaker cross symbol mean?

Undertaker’s cross symbol was his specialty back in the Attitude Era. Some of his matches involved crucifying his opponents to end his match. One of the greatest moments involving his cross symbol is when he tied Stone Cold Steve Austin to the crucifix on December 7, 1998, at Monday Night Raw.

Undertaker never explained the meaning of his symbol. However, some fans explained Taker’s symbol as a sign of death and mortality. This symbol was synonymous with Undertaker as most of his matches involved burning his opponents or burying them in the casket.

His symbol was also in the themes of remembrance or the passage of life, which was related to his gimmick. Although the ‘Deadman’ never confirmed these assumptions, his overall character was related to the theme of death.

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Taker may make a surprise appearance in this year’s WrestleMania 40 event as a guest. Undertaker has retired from wrestling and was even inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2022.

Fans still would love to see ‘The Master of Pain’ in action again, and fans thank him for giving them many memories as well as some of the greatest matches in wrestling history.

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