Tommy Fury provides update on successful surgery after delaying procedure for 6 years: “Fighting through extreme pain”

Tommy Fury doesn’t need the ‘Tyson Fury’s brother’ tag anymore in the boxing world, as he has established himself as an upcoming brand in boxing. Fury’s dominating career so far has showcased how tough the training camp and preparation he undergoes to put everything into his next match-up.

TNT has been a consistent presence in the current boxing scenario, coming from a family with a significant background in boxing. With 10 matches and no losses, Tommy Fury almost experienced his first defeat against Jake Paul, but the fight went in favor of Fury via split decision on February 26th, 2023.

Tommy Fury shares an update on his latest surgery

Now, after a year, Jake Paul still holds a grudge over losing the fight by just a margin, as he believes the decision went controversially in favor of Tyson Fury’s brother. Recently, Paul made a bold statement about Tommy Fury ducking the rematch against him. Without providing specific details about the exact issue for not accepting the match, the 24-year-old went into an intense phase of his career, which he has now revealed he successfully navigated.

TNT has always made subtle statements about his hand not being 100%, but he continued to progress in his career. Things got serious when he started training for the fight against KSI, which took place in October last year.

In Manchester, Tommy Fury successfully defeated KSI with a unanimous decision, but he hadn’t revealed that his hand was not fine. After a few months, the 24-year-old has finally decided to take care of the matter and has now successfully treated his hands. It was his right hand that had some injuries he suffered in December 2019.

It can be expected that, in bigger matchups, he wasn’t able to find enough power to knock out his opponent. Finally, this gamble of playing with injured hands has paid off for Fury, and he revealed the whole scenario in his Instagram post with a photo of him lying on the hospital bed.

When will Tommy Fury return?

The potential rematch between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury might take place this year, as the latter revealed he will be returning in 2024 in 100% condition, concluding the caption of his recent post.

“This morning I underwent the surgery I’ve been putting off for years, as I know this is the only way my hand will heal and that I can move forward with my boxing career. I’m excited for my recovery journey and so ready to be back feeling and giving 100% in 2024.”

Even though he’s still recovering, we can likely expect a rematch by the end of the year or in the next 4-5 months. KSI is eager for a chance at revenge. He previously protested when Tommy Fury won the fight against him, but the authorities didn’t pay much attention as the unanimous decision favored the 24-year-old boxer.

What do you guys think when will the boxing community witness Tommy Fury taking on Jake Paul for the second time?


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