Tommy Fury rejects KSI rematch after Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou’s confrontation

The paths fighters take to attain glory inside the ring or cage are always contrasting. One may have a legacy to uphold due to the success of their parent or sibling, while the other may follow an unconventional path shaped by the activities of the newer generation.

Tommy Fury had to protect the legacy of the ‘Fury’ name inside the ring, whereas KSI entered the ring as a product of the popularity of crossover boxing. Fury handed KSI the sole professional loss of his boxing career, which many felt warranted a rematch.

Tommy Fury refuses a KSI rematch

Tommy Fury’s recent fight, which headlined the MF & DAZN: X Series 10 – The Prime Card against KSI, did not provide the expected excitement, later attributed to the hand injury Fury had going into the bout. Despite KSI feeling he won and appealing the decision, he lost, earning mocking remarks from Jake Paul.

Fury, present at the press conference for the upcoming Knockout Chaos event in Riyadh, talked about his refusal to fight KSI. “I’m not interested in KSI. He is what he is. The man didn’t even come to fight, came to do some star jumps like a PE lesson,” said Fury about KSI. “So, I think he needs to go to the school of boxing before he ever talks to me again,” Fury added while trolling KSI.

Even though the he refused a rematch with KSI, he was all in for a rematch with Jake Paul after six months as he is recovering from the surgery on his right hand. Paul and Nakissa Bidarian had earlier bashed Fury for not accepting a potential $20 million payday for a rematch with Paul.

Nonetheless, Fury seemed to intend on knocking out Paul in their potential rematch as he felt that was the reason Paul kept calling for a rematch even though he lost decisively by decision in their first fight in Riyadh.

Tommy Fury reacts to Tyson and Francis Ngannou’s confrontation

Tommy Fury was present alongside his brother when Tyson Fury engaged in a verbal altercation with Francis Ngannou at the Knockout Chaos pre-fight press conference. Despite Joshua being scheduled to fight Ngannou, most of the interactions were with Tyson Fury, who was in the audience.

Ngannou and Fury exchanged words, with the Cameroonian seemingly gaining the upper hand against the WBC heavyweight champion. “Your only chance is in the ring, in the boxing ring with the boxing rules. When you step off that ring, you better stay 5 meters away,” Ngannou trolled Fury, much to the applause of the fans.

Tommy was asked about the confrontation in an interview with Seconds Out, to which he replied, “Tyson’s the man of boxing. He’s the face of boxing and will likely always be until he goes away,” as he refused to comment on whether a rematch between Fury and Ngannou is in the works.

Ngannou and Fury headlined Battle of the Baddest which was witnessed by many luminaries from the sporting and entertainment world. Even though Ngannou dropped Fury, the WBC champion eked past a split decision which many thought Ngannou won by decision.

Who do you think Tommy Fury should be fighting next? Jake Paul? KSI, or any other? Leave your thoughts below!


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