Toto Wolf takes sarcastic swipe as Mercedes and Ferrari set to battle in Abu Dhabi GP

Mercedes won’t be too happy about their recent adventure in the Las Vegas GP. They have continued their bad form, attained from the Brazilian GP and did not make any major improvements in Vegas. Lewis Hamilton lost his bid for the 2nd position in the drivers championship and now Ferrari has inched closer to Mercedes.

Toto Wolff isn’t having a great year, it seems, as most of his comments have been sarcastic or outright disappointed, and the team boss of Silver Arrows couldn’t hold back from commenting on the Abu Dhabi GP, an accursed race for his star driver.

Wolff’s wry commentary on Mercedes-Ferrari standings

Ferrari has been constantly improving their cars, unlike Mercedes and for the first time this year, Red Bull actually had competitors in both qualifying and racing. Mercedes, on the other hand, couldn’t pull off such an advancement from it’s Brazilian GP mistakes. Ferrari couldn’t build on the pole position of Charles Leclerc and he ended up 2nd during the Las Vegas GP.

Mercedes vs Ferrari via Motorsport Week

His recent surge of podiums spelled bad news for Mercedes, who have been competing with Ferrari for the second spot in constructor standings. Ferrari and Mercedes are separated by only 4 points as they head into the Abu Dhabi GP. Toto, however, took a sly dig at the 2021 fiasco created by Michael Masi, saying, “I think we’re going there pretty much equal on points. With a proper race director, that should be fine.”

Toto comments on Abu Dhabi GP via PlanetF1

Toto Wolff further elaborated on their team’s struggles during the race, which included the penalty awarded to George Russell for a collision with Max Verstappen. “Sad to say yet another time we had pace but just no result. George after the incident with Verstappen when he got a penalty, that was pretty much game over. Also, he had pace at the front, maybe not Max, but it is what it is.”

Red Bull smash Mercedes record in Las Vegas GP

Red Bull have emerged as the leaders of the pack after the domination under Mercedes for several years during the Turbo-Hybrid era. The masterpieces created by Adrian Newey and Red Bull engineers have managed to break numerous records in the skillful hands of Max Verstappen.

Red Bull constructors championship 2023 via Honda Racing

Red Bull broke yet another record held by Mercs for a long time, taking away the achievement from Mercedes through the fierce victories acquired by Max Verstappen. Mercedes had held the long time record of 19 out of 21 wins during the 2016 season, featuring an intense rivalry between Lewis and Nico. Red Bull has now won 20 out 21 races this season with the only exception being Singapore GP. If they win the last race of the season their win percentage will become 95.45% creating a terrifying wall for future challengers.

Do you agree with the fact that the recent domination shown by Red Bull is going to harm the sport? If yes, what are your speculations about the future of Formula 1 racing? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments section.


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