Watch: Lewis Hamilton takes out Mercedes teammate George Russell as Max Verstappen cruises to victory at the Qatar GP

Lewis Hamilton had an eventful Qatar GP which ended an equally eventful start of the weekend. We had Oscar Piastri taking his first win during the Sprint Saturday and establishing the dominance of McLarens in current situation as the sole contender against Red Bull. However, a lot of drama unfolded with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes in the race on Sunday.

The first lap of the race was a very interesting and controversial one right from the starting of race. The situation was fired up as the entire Mercedes AMG team was at loss of communication with drivers sandwiched in misunderstandings.

Lewis Hamilton crashes into George Russell

The race started with both the Silver Arrows lined up close to each other and Lewis Hamilton was starting the race on soft tyres to maximize attacking opportunity against Max Verstappen and George Russell’s car was fitted with the slower Medium compound tyres.

The race started and drama unfolded immediately as Lewis Hamilton crashed into Russell’s car going into turn 1 while taking on Max Verstappen. Lewis immediately spun out of the race ending his stint whereas has George had to continue forth with damage control and some stern words of Toto.

George did explain the situation as him being unable to do anything being sandwiched between the cars but Lewis Hamilton has something else to say on the radio.

“I got taken out by my own teammate”. The entire situation has unfolded a crisis in team and among fandoms with some allegation being flung against drivers and Lewis is being investigated by stewards.

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Max Verstappen wins Qatar GP

The Mercedes drivers taking each other out however didn’t really affect the hero of the weekend Max Verstappen who breezed onwards to victory with an easy race win in the Qatar GP.

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Although, the sprint race was won by Piastri, Verstappen’s third position effectively sealed his fate in what was his lingering quest for the third world championship. Many predictions about the McLaren’s race pace being able to outmaneuver Red Bull’s came into play, but none worked as Verstappen dominance continued in the race.

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This race effectively sealed the championship and any hopes for Sergio Perez taking away the title are gone.

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