What is FIA Super Licence? Exploring Max Verstappen’s massive $1.2 million fee

Formula One imposed a set of rules and regulations that drivers must strictly adhere to, including the requirement of obtaining the FIA Super License to compete legally on the grid. The financial commitment is an integral part of the sport’s overall governance, ensuring that the drivers meet the specific criteria and contribute to the overall competitiveness of the sport.

The FIA License comes with varying fees for each driver, and Max Verstappen, among others, is obligated to pay a substantial fee of $1.2 million to maintain his Super License.

What is FIA Super Licence?

The FIA Super License stands as an obligatory requirement for any driver aspiring to participate in Formula One.The license is granted by the FIA, the governing body of Formula One.

Originally introduced in the 1990s, the Super Licence underwent a significant modification in 2015, with the imposition of a minimum age requirement. This change was initiated by Max Verstappen’s debut in 2015 at the age of 17 and 166 days. The FIA introduced this age regulation to mainly address potential safety concerns associated with younger drivers.

The mandatory Super Licence requires a fundamental cost of €10,400, a basic fee that every driver must pay to secure eligibility for the upcoming season. Additionally, there is an additional charge reported at €2,100 for each point scored this season. This system is designed to ensure a financial commitment to reflect a driver’s performance on the grid.

Why does Max Verstappen have to pay a $1.2 million super license fee?

Max Verstappen is obliged to pay a significant fee of $1.2 million as mandated by the FIA for his Super License.

To be granted a Super Licence, drivers are required to fulfill several criteria, which include attaining a minimum age of 18 when marking their debut in Formula One, possessing a valid driving license, and passing an FIA theory test covering the sporting codes and the regulations of Formula 1.

Interestingly, those who have held a Super Licence for the preceding three seasons remain eligible to apply for a new one, even if they have taken a hiatus from Formula One. Max Verstappen, having accumulated an impressive 575 points in the 2023 season, incurs an additional cost for his Super License. Each point obtained translates to an extra €2,100 in license fees. Consequently, the Dutch sensation’s license fee for the year stands at a substantial €1,217,900, underscoring the financial impact associated with his incredible performance in Formula One.

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