“Who cares?”: Ex-world champ Jacques Villeneuve offers his honest thought on Max Verstappen’s F1 dominance

Max Verstappen has had one of the most dominant seasons ever in Formula 1 this year, and there are still 8 races left on the calendar! Out of the 14 races that have taken place already, the Dutchman has taken home 12 first-place trophies.

Many, including the reigning world champion’s former rival Lewis Hamilton, have criticised this dominance and demanded action from the FIA on the ground that it is harmful for the sport. However, former world champion and Formula 1 driver Jacques Villeneuve recently defend Max in this regard.

Jacques Villeneuve praises Max Verstappen’s F1 dominance

Max is currently sat at P1 in the standings, already with a 145-point lead over his teammate Sergio Perez, who has managed to clinch only two wins this season. Recently, at the Italian GP, Max Verstappen broke the Formula 1 record for most consecutive race wins by finishing first for the 10th time in a row.

Max Verstappen

While many claim this dominance is harmful for the sport in terms of viewership, Jacque Villeneuve has spoken out in favour of Max Verstappen, defending the Dutchman’s dominance.

He went on to insist that Verstappen should not be stopped, and insisted that the Dutchman should be hailed for his talent!

Jacques Villeneuve claims Max Verstappen has turned RB19 into ‘second skin’

Speaking out about Verstappen’s dominance this season, Jacques Villeneuve recently stated in an interview with RacingNews365, “Who cares if it’s good for the sport? He’s amazing. That’s it. You should not stop that. He’s managed to do it better than anybody else. He’s managed to work with his engineer and his team to turn the car into a second skin.”

Max Verstappen

He compared Max’s performance to his teammate’s, stating “When you have that, you just sit in the car and you don’t even think. The car does whatever you want it to. That’s why every year Sergio Perez for two or three races, [the thought is that] he can beat Max.”

He also compared the Dutchman’s performance to his own time at Formula 1, saying, “But then Max works and gets the car to do what he wants. Then he destroys Perez. And that makes a difference. I had that end of 1996 and 1997. I would jump in the car and think: ‘I know the car can do this,’ and it does it.”

Do you agree with these statements of Villeneuve or should the FIA intervene and prioritize the sport’s viewership? Comment what you think down below!

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