Who is Danny Aarons wanting to fight Joe Weller on KSI’s Misfits undercard?

After achieving success as a YouTuber, Joe Weller set his foot into the world of ‘influencer’ boxing, facing off against another renowned internet personality. Unfortunately, his debut matchup didn’t unfold as he had anticipated. Weller experienced a defeat in his first match, marking the beginning of his amateur boxing career against a prominent figure.

The fight between Joe Weller and KSI didn’t reach the distance, concluding in just three rounds. KSI secured a knockout victory over Weller in under 8 minutes. Following the bout, Joe took to social media to share updates on his boxing journey.

Who is Danny Aarons wanting to fight Joe Weller?

While KSI achieved significant pay-per-view sales in his matchup against Jake Paul, the rivalry alone hasn’t reignited the spark to remind Joe Weller of the formidable opponent he faced.

Now, with consistent practice and boxing training, Weller is in better shape than he was during his amateur fight. He’s gearing up for his professional boxing debut, and several new opponents have emerged. What adds excitement to his next fight is that this time he will be part of the undercard, not the main event of KSI’s Misfit fight event.

Danny Aarons aims to kickstart his career with a swift bout this year, expressing his desire to face Joe Weller towards the year’s end. Initially focused on leaving an impression on people’s minds, Aarons is prepared to take on a challenging opponent like Joe Weller in the undercard of KSI’s Misfit event.

According to Aarons, it will be one of the biggest pay-per-view sales where he takes on Joe. Though he didn’t show any hate towards Weller, Aarons confidently asserted that six rounds would be ample to make a powerful statement.

Is Joe Weller vs. Behzinga going to happen?

Following KSI’s defeat against Tommy Fury on October 14th last year, speculations about potential matchups between Danny Aarons and Joe Weller vs. Behzinga have been circulating. KSI’s loss reignited Joe’s interest in boxing, prompting other YouTubers like True Geordie and Fangs to express their desire to witness a showdown between Weller and Behzinga.

Behzinga hasn’t made any appearances in boxing, but he is willing to take on Joe Weller if he gets a better pay offer to make this bout official.

The YouTuber said, “Didn’t turn down the boxing match, turned down the offer. Listen, we don’t need to accept the very first offer around here on these sides, okay? It’s got to be worth it. I am not spending time away from my daughter or my partner for something that ain’t worth it.”

Behzinga requested a substantial offer that would allow him to dedicate time to the highly anticipated bout against Joe Weller.

Who do you think will be the next opponent of Joe Weller? Will it be Danny Aarons or Behzinga?

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