Why is Max Verstappen favorite to become the first “Billion-Dollar” driver in F1, surpassing even Lewis Hamilton?

Max Verstappen’s achievements don’t have a full stop and will never be in the future. This incredible driver has blown away every Grand Prix he has ever been in since he joined the F1 sport. His relentless passion for victory with confidence, which screams merely in his presence, is remarkable.

The two-time champion is compared to several legends in the industry, not only by fans but also by experts, which led some to believe that he could become the sport’s first billion-dollar driver.

Why is Max Verstappen tipped to beat Lewis Hamilton as F1’s first “Billion-Dollar” driver

Max Verstappen is currently in his mid 20’s and despite his young age compared to Lewis Hamilton, he is already catching up to him in net worth. He has a long way to go so his age is key to becoming the first billion-dollar driver.

Lewis Hamilton’s net worth increased gradually throughout his career as his skills improved over time, but the Dutch driver had the very skills needed to win a race right when he joined the sport so his net worth became more like a rollercoaster, which only goes up at a speedy rate.

The driver is supposedly believed to earn $50 million annually, which does not include the bonuses from the race or any commercial contracts with any company. Many drivers earn that much of an amount when they are usually close to their retirement age but Verstappen has proved to be an exception.

Mark Gallagher claims Max Verstappen to possibly become the F1’s first billionaire driver

The longer the two-time World Champion will be on the ground, the more he will earn. This was also approved by  Mark Gallagher in an interview.

He said, “Regarding Max being potentially the first billion-dollar Formula 1 driver in terms of his career earnings, the reason I say that is because you really don’t need to sit in front of a calculator for very long to work out that, if he’s already been in Formula 1 since the age of 17, even if you put in a sort of relatively modest trajectory in terms of his salary, he’s already well into nine figures – hundreds of millions of dollars of income during his career to date.”

“He’s got a very long way to go, potentially. This is one of the interesting things about Max saying he may not stick around that long, because he certainly doesn’t need to stick around in order to make serious money. He’s already made serious money, and he will make serious money over the balance of his Red Bull contract until 2028.”

“But the fact is that, if he decides, ‘okay, I’ll do a [Lewis] Hamilton or I’ll do an [Fernando] Alonso, and I’ll stay until I’m 38 or 40’, I mean, all bets are off. His career earnings will just continue to rocket.”

“What you say regarding the deals that he has, the deals that he has are not stratospheric, they’re not Nike NBA-style personal endorsement deals, but they are still significant. When you start to add them up, if you’ve got 1.5 million here or 2 million there, and this is on top of your salary, you can see that he’s reached a point where, I mean, it’s no wonder he looks so relaxed about everything in his life. He’s literally in the class of his own.”

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