Why NXT star Amari Miller parting ways with WWE franchise?

Many employees and wrestlers were let off by WWE during last year’s merger with UFC. As we saw previously, when a wrestler’s contract expires, WWE often offers them a new deal or releases them. Despite previously being under contract for three years, NXT standout Amari Miller was unexpectedly let go by the promotion.

After neither WWE nor NXT decided to extend her contract, Miller announced her resignation from the company in an emotional online post. Following her experience on NXT, it seems that she is embarking on a new chapter in her life.

Why is Amari Miller leaving the WWE NXT?

In WWE NXT, there is a healthy amount of competition amongst superstars who are working hard to achieve their goals. However, it is unfortunate that not everyone is able to remain, and Amari Miller just made the announcement that she would be leaving the organization after dropping clues on social media.

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 In 2021, Miller became a member of WWE and spent over three years working for the NXT brand. During this time, she displayed the wrestling talents that she had developed via her past experiences, especially those with Evolve Wrestling. Her time spent in WWE allowed her to compete against a wide range of skilled female wrestlers, allowing her to leave her imprint in the ring.

Amari Miller chose to take a new step in her life even though she had been through some hard times in the past year. Through the removal of WWE from her social media profile and the subsequent change to her actual name, she made it quite evident.

Shortly after that, Miller’s departure was revealed, and she indicated that she was prepared for what was to come by posting the following on her Instagram story: “Picking up my Crown and going into my next chapter.”

What’s next for Amari Miller?

Amari Miller was a rising star in WWE NXT who wowed audiences with her incredible skills. Despite overcoming personal obstacles, such as depression and a dark time when she attempted suicide last year, Miller is now stronger and prepared to take on the next phase of her life. Miller thanked the WWE instructors and coaches for teaching her valuable lessons in the Instagram post announcing her exit.

Amari Miller
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She had a remarkable three-year wrestling career, even if 2023 was not her best year. Gigi Dolin, Alba Fyre, Cora Jade, Lyra Valkyria (former NXT Women’s Champion), and IYO SKY (current WWE Women’s Champion) were among the famous figures she wrestled with. The 100th episode of NXT Level Up featured her last bout, where Jaida Parker emerged victorious. 

The reasons for Miller’s exit and her plans for the future in the wrestling business are still unknown. Nevertheless, the wrestling world is anxiously awaiting her next move as she begins her new chapter. Miller still has a long road ahead of her thanks to her incredible skillset, strength, and resolve. She has admirers and supporters who have been moved by her incredible journey, and they will be with her as she goes into the unknown.

Although her removal from the promotion is somewhat shocking, what do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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