What’s everyone saying about Floyd Mayweather’s $1,131,000 Super Bowl spending?

Floyd Mayweather and his lavish spending aren’t new tales to the world. The former boxing champion consistently flaunts his wealth on social media, somewhat motivating youngsters embarking on their boxing journey.

Recently, similar incident happened for the 34 people who, along with Floyd Mayweather, wished to watch the Super Bowl game. Floyd chose to surprise those 34 people in his own ‘Money’ Mayweather style, spending a substantial amount on them.

Floyd Mayweather spent $1,131,000 to take 34 people to Super Bowl LVIII

Even after retirement, Floyd Mayweather remains active on social media. The accomplishment of consistently securing a spot on the list of highest-paid athletes has paid off, as the 5-foot-8-inch former boxing champion continues to earn more than active boxers.

This time, while indulging in his own luxury, Floyd has chosen to surprise 34 people. On February 11, the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl LVIII match will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Floyd Mayweather decided to spend $1.1 million ($870000) on his 34 friends so they could all watch the game together on February 11. Floyd Mayweather said, “I don’t kiss ass, and I never have to beg for anything, especially not to get a Super Bowl suite. I don’t mind accepting invitations at times, but one thing’s for sure: the person who’s paying does all the talking. Therefore, I get my own seats and suites so I can do what I want and invite who I want,” via Talksport.

In his post, Floyd Mayweather posted a statement with screenshots, saying he doesn’t need ‘kiss A**’  and doesn’t have to beg to get something special. Though, according to the statement, Floyd was invited to watch the Super Bowl game. But since he is ready to pay as well, he decided to get his own seats and suites as can bring anyone he wants to watch the game.

Boxing fans react to Floyd Mayweather’s huge Super Bowl expenses

Some fans even appreciated how great Floyd Mayweather’s style is, and some gave him credit for his friendship and loyalty towards his friends. Fans looked excited at the way Floyd took care of his friends.

When one fan said whatever amount he had spent on 34 people, Floyd had the ability to make that money back in the next fight.

One fan gave proper “respect” to the former boxing champion for not leaving any of his friends back to watch the game at home.

“I love Floyd, but why did he get to show us how much it cost? He should be going because he wants to watch the game or to network. Not because it costs a lot of money.”

From all the good reactions, one fan didn’t look amazed at Floyd Mayweather’s money spent showing off his skill and questioned why he needed to show off how much he had spent on watching the game only.

Another fan made a comment about how Mayweather keeps his crew of friends with him all the time when he is out.

Floyd Mayweather is the idol of many upcoming boxers, but since his retirement, he has become more of a businessman. This is why, after paying all the taxes, he doesn’t shy away from showing off his money. Though gives valuable advice to upcoming talents, his business work has put many of his fans against him.

What are your thoughts on Floyd Mayweather showing off his expensive purchase on social media?


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