WWE and AEW find themselves competing after Rikishi drums up interest in favor of real-life Bloodline member Jacob Fatu

Renowned wrestlers are stepping into the world of free agency as 2024 begins. One of them is a descendant of the Samoan king, Roman Reigns, causing Jacob Fatu, who used to work for MLW. Given Jey’s absence from the lineage, Fatu’s introduction might provide a remarkable new dimension to the plot.

Rikishi is urging WWE to sign MLW superstar Jacob Fatu before the end of 2025 when his contract expires. Getting Fatu would be a smart business move because he is young and charismatic, and he would add dynamics to WWE’s most popular Bloodline tale.

Rikishi pits WWE against AEW for signing of Jacob Fatu

Jacob Fatu is quickly rising to the top of the WWE free agency rankings. He has lately made an appearance in the New Japan Pro Wrestling ring, adding to his reputation for making an impression in Major League Wrestling. As a cousin of Roman Reigns, The Usos, and The Rock, Jacob can bring an interesting aspect to the world of professional wrestling.

Jacob Fatu
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When WWE Royal Rumble 2024 concludes, Rikishi expects something even bigger than the epic clash between The Usos. By bringing in Jacob Fatu, he alludes to a more dramatic plot involving the family line.

Fans can’t wait for Fatu’s next move as the Samoan icon is a free agent and hasn’t made a choice yet. Following his impressive run in MLW, wrestling communities are anxious to see what this famous member of the Anoa’i family does next.

WWE HOFer Booker T also provided vocal support to the real-life Bloodline member

Jacob Fatu is a talented member of the Anoa’i family, and Booker T, in his capacity as a commentator on “WWE NXT,” avidly exploring the notion of bringing him to WWE.” With an eye on the future, Booker hopes to take Fatu to the next level and cement his status as a star prospect.

Jacob Fatu
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The WWE Hall of Famer dropped hints that Fatu’s WWE debut is still in the works on a recent “Hall of Fame” podcast episode. Booker T said, “That’s my game plan. I’m working as hard as I possibly can. Let me just say it right now. I’m giving a big shout out to Jacob Fatu. This is a guy who’s been working his a** off out there on the indie scene, grinding.”

This revelation is particularly intriguing inside WWE’s famous Bloodline storyline, adding depth to the narrative. Fans continue to have a strong preference for The Bloodline, which is a key group in recent WWE history. An intriguing new chapter to the Bloodline saga might be in store if Booker T is successful in luring Jacob Fatu to WWE.

What do you think Jacob Fatu will appear in next, WWE or AEW? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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